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  • truthlover

    During any elders school, was it ever mentioned that you would be Princes in the earth after armageddon? I know that in the past, this has been hinted at in the Wt but was wondering if this carrot was dangled, seeing that a lot of elders are now stepping down and out.. thanks

  • Poztate

    It has been more than hinted at in the WT. I recall it being a teaching from over 30 years ago.

  • blondie

    Up until around 1950, these "princes" were also said to be the ancient worthies or faithful men of old, from Abel to John the Baptist, that would be resurrected as perfect men and rule in earthly Jerusalem. The original date for this to happen was 1925, which did not happen, but it was still predicted.

    Then Fred Franz gave a talk and said that these princes were in the audience. People look around expecting to see Abel, David, Abraham, Enoch, Noah, etc.

    *** yb75 pp. 213-214 Part 3—United States of America ***


    For years, Jehovah’s people thought that faithful men of old times, such as Abraham, Joseph and David, would be resurrected before the end of this wicked system of things. Those past servants of God were called "ancient worthies," "faithful men of old" and "the princes." The psalmist had declared: "Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou mayest make princes in all the earth." (Ps. 45:16, KingJamesVersion) So, when Jehovah’s people went to a convention years ago, there was a degree of expectation. Perhaps that gathering would be marked by the appearance of one or more of those resurrected princes or men of old!

    With that in mind, mentally join the 82,601 conventioners as they listened intently to F. W. Franz on Saturday evening, August 5, 1950. At a climactic point in his absorbing Scriptural talk he asked: "Would this international assembly be happy to know that HERE, TONIGHT, in our midst, there are a number of prospective PRINCES OF THE NEW EARTH?"

    What reactions there were to that query! Here are some vivid recollections: "I recall the gasp of amazement that swept the assembly, and we began looking around us expectantly . . . was David here, or Abraham, or Daniel, or Job? Many of us sisters had tears in our eyes!" (Grace A. Estep) "I was so excited I sat on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued on the dugout. I was certain that one or more of these men of old would emerge at any moment." (Sister Dwight T. Kenyon) "People in the corridors rushed to the stadium entrances to view the speaker’s stand, perhaps expecting to see Abraham, David or maybe Moses. The audience stood up—the atmosphere was charged. I am sure that if someone with a long beard had walked to the platform there would have been no containing the crowd."—L. E. Reusch.

    A profound silence next settled over the audience. Every ear seemed strained to lose none of the speaker’s words. He discussed the real meaning of the Hebrew word translated ‘prince." He pointed out that today’s "other sheep" have suffered just as much for their faith as did Jehovah’s witnesses of old. Hence, nothing argues against Christ’s making these "other sheep" "princes in all the earth" as required. (Ps. 45:16; John 10:16) Then, concluding his discourse, Brother Franz said: "With the transporting prospects so close before us, oh! let us keep Theocratic organization and let God continue improving it as a New World society. Never may we look back to this modern Sodom, which is reserved for destruction, but we are determined to keep faces forward in full faith. Onward, then, steadily, all of us together, as a New World society!"

  • BluesBrother

    I used to enjoy musing what it "will" be like when I become a Prince.............

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    I used to enjoy musing what it "will" be like when I become a Prince.............

    So, you got an M.B.A. also Blues Brother?


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