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  • Soldier77

    After reading through the Johnny ex-bethelite reveal from sixscreens one thing that got me thinking that could very well have truth behind it is:

    The GB Trinity or "Commanders" as he put it. Does anyone have any insight other than what Johnny was saying? Who do you think make up the GB Trinity in power now? If I had to guess, it would seem Loesch, Splane and Pierce too.

    What do you guys think and what do you think this means for the WTS as far as changes? I can see them bringing down the hammer, like they seem to be doing already.

    I know this is speculation, but I just wanted to bounce it off of all of you. What do you think?

    Off to work for a few hours, I'll be back to catch up on the thread then...

  • Joliette

    I'm guessing that its probably:

    Sam Herd

    David Splaine

    Gerrit Losch

    Since Ted Jaracz died, they seem like the current hardliners of the GB. Again, just speculating.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    My guess is there is no trinity. Losch strikes me as somebody who is easy to appease/manipulate by throwing him a bone now and then and making him think he's the top guy. Anything anti-sports and anti-college seems to be his baby. As long as he gets those things published, he'll rubberstamp the other guys' pet projects in return.

    This is just speculation, of course.

    I think Splane is the guy with the most ambition and drive to run things. And audacity is what gets things done in that environment.

    Herd may be a hard liner, too, but I'm not sure he's aggressive enough to use his position as the only minority on the body to its greatest advantage.

    So there may be appearance of trinity but I'm not sure there really is.

    Does anybody know the current Committee assignments? Who heads up Service, Writing, etc.?

  • yknot

    This is what Bethel sources have whispered: Splane, Losch, Morris

    Now what I 'think' is that Jaracz started this sifting and they are going to continue it in an attempt to lessen potential 2014 casualties and push in some swallow-hard changes that time marching onward demands.

    From there I get the impression that both Splane and Losch are versed in WTS history, as in I think Splane would mop me up in a game of WTS history and Gerrit would give me a damn good run for the money. Morris, I don't really know, I have some bias against him due to his poor speaking ability (really how is it he joined post Vietnam but didn't benefit from TMS in all his decades as a JW!!!!) and tend to write him off as the modern-day Coca Cola Kid (so if a Morris lackey is reading this tell him to be smart and leave a bit of Daddy's money to the WTS but the bulk to the boys with the instruction that they should leave more if appointed to GB positions too and then secret instructions to NEVER give the WTS a dime!) I picturee Tony not really being able to escape Daddy's shadow and this venture into WTS land was his attempt to gain equal footing with Pops......(again this is just my musing and speculation) Oh and again if a 'lackey' is reading .... all the Bethelites and most of us in the audience who are conscious think your Vietnam to JW story is 'tired'....... but with all the mini-anti-Morris rant above.... I don't think he is dumb-bunny either rather he just plays one so that he reaps the most while doing less.

    Now as far as what lies beyond the 2014 fears....... I am still looking toward the Mormon's for inspiration in both structure and community.

    NO I don't think any of them are 'true believers' rather 'it is what it is' and they want to maintain the comforts their sacrifices to climb the WTS ladder have so far afforded them.... I think it is possible we might see a secondary Rutherford oppulance phase and that many of the coming changes will shore up these 7 being the only GB for quite some time..... I know the Bethel rumors about appointments and possible consideration of a WTS apostle 12 but at the same time if I was a GB and knew it was bunk and wanted to get the most I could for my years of labor I am not going to sacrifice a dime to help the next generation beyond my expected lifespan of about 100 years, I am going to cover my butt with as much padding as possible.....maybe when Morris reaches 72-75 we might see some new appointments but only because Guy and Sam probably will have passed or are close to passing....

    As far as theology..... LOL...the dumbing down worked, most JWs dont' have a clue or really aren't seeking to get one until something happens to them personally and then well, we see them posting here soon after!

    Of course I am just 'a Sister', what do I know (giggles, or more like who do I know *wink, wave and blowing *)

  • sir82
    What do you guys think

    I think any info you take from a "six screens" post should be swallowed with a 1 ton salt boulder.

  • Joliette

    Ynot, you always crack me up!

    Same here, I'm a woman, I need to stay in a woman's 'place.'

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