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  • bobld

    I wanted to reply on his post but I can't so here is my reply.

    Face reality ELPIRO.As long as there are despicable persons like Hilter,Stalin,etc.

    We need a well equipt army to defeat scum like that.I am very thankful for the brave soldiers who did just that.

    Otherwise ELPIRO you and I would not have the freedom we do today.Your 100 plus years of preaching has not brought that freedom.We need to face reality that we still have dictators today and that we need the army.

    ELPIRO did you know that Stalin said "Religion needed to be removed under communist society"And that the Orthodox church suffered greatly.Tens of thousands of priests,monks and nuns were persecuted and killed,over 100,000 were shot during the purge.

    ELPIRO are you not happy that the USA won the cold war.Elpiro do you think they would of won the cold war W/O an army.Are you not happy for the freedom that the Russians have today.Just think even your religion can now fight them in the courts today.Do you think they could under communist rule?



    The bible teaches that God has allowed all types of governments so that man can see that no human government is the answer to our problems, there would be a small group that would follow God and obey him no matter what.

    We are very grateful to the governments that allow our work. Soon God will put an end the worlds governments and to the worlds religions, which has been used by Satan to further alienate man from Jehovah-God

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Yes - a big thank you to governments that promote freedom of thought - but get ready to move over for one that says if you think anything different than what this new gov't tells you - prepare to die.

    My name is ElPIRO, I'm your future leader and judge from heaven, please heed my warning now, because if you don't, once I'm in heaven, I'm going to kill you, your wife, and children. I will kill you and your children because you did not acknowledge my authority while I was on earth. Even though I spelled like a [email protected]#$ing dickhead, you should have listened to me. It does not matter that I disregard my fellow annointed brothers' authority and disobey their directives forbidding us from coming here and debating and associating with disfellowshipped apostates. I will be with them shortly in heaven, and I will reign down a godly [email protected]#$ing fire on all your little babies and children. I will massacre them! So having said that, I hope you sumbit now to the kingdom by bowing down to the watchtower and doing whatever they tell you (except coming here to talk to disfellowshipped apostates - that's okay to disobey so long as you come here and tell everybody they're going to die along with their children for not being a JW - but everything else the Watchtower says - obey it). Yep obey the watchtower and your elders, and especially me. Do it now. (But actually, I kind of hope you ignore this, cause I really want to kill you when I get to heaven - YAAAAYYYY Heavenly genocide - hear I come!!!!!)

  • bobld

    Elpiro I am glad you agree with me on governments.As for the rest of your story you are like Psalms 135:16,17.


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