Orgone Boxes at Bethel

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    When I studied psychoanalysis at college, I drew Wilhelm Reich as my term paper topic. Research showed that he championed the public health benefits of orgasms. Further, he built a box to hold this special energy and cure people of ailments. He was convicted of fraud. His mental status at his trial was questionable. The box was just a container. It was very strange. I was appalled that everyone else had respectable analysts to research. My professor told me many luminaries at Columbia University believed in these boxes. My mom told me something similar was at Bethel. Another post may have a book about it at Bethel. Does anyone know of this? My info is sketchy. I believe we are talking about the 1930s or 1940s.

    It is very weird.

  • coffee_black

    Do you mean this?

    Electronic Radio Biola...advertised in the "Golden Age" The WTBTS was involved in quite a bit of quackery.


  • MrFreeze

    Sounds demonistic... according to what the WT usually finds demonistic.

  • coffee_black

    From the website I linked:

    The Watchtower Society in The Golden Age magazine promoted numerous highly questionable medical cures and remedies. Some of these were more related to the occult arts than medical science. One of these endorsements was of the electronic theory of disease of Dr. Albert Abrams . Several machines and techniques were developed by Dr. Abrams and by his supporters after his death in 1924. Some of these were used by International Bible Students (JWs) on the recommendation of the Watchtower Society in The Golden Age . These devices supposedly diagnosed and cured diseases of all kinds. One of these machines, the Electronic Radio Biola, was invented by a Bible Student and advertised for sale in The Golden Age magazine.


  • blondie

    We actually saw a Radio Biola machine in an antique show in Florida. It was not exclusively used by the WTS. There are things today that jws use such as energy felt by hands held over but not touching the body....spiritism?

  • designs

    Isn't that just a fun form of foreplay...........just sayin'

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