New Jerusalem---The Paradise---By Invitation Only!

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  • cameo-d

    You may have read information that the moon is an artificial construct. Well, guess what? So is Earth! And the new Earth is also an artificial (created) construct. Some may refer to it as a planet or a satellite. Revelation describes this new habitat as the New Jerusalem.

    The 12 gates of Rev. 21:21 represent the 12 of each tribe, or the 144,000. The "gates" are not physical constructs; the "gates" are people.

    (Ezekiel 48: 31-34 gives you the details of the gatekeepers and upholds Rev. 21:21.)

    In order to be a part of the New Jerusalem, you must "come in through the gates". It is by invitation only.


    When communications switched to digital our frequency signals became very weak as far as the length of transmission into outer space. There have been scout ships in our orbit. Most of the time they are cloaked and I get the impression that there are hostile forces that are impeding them. They must come out of cloaking periodically in order to download our digital transmissions. They are able to download a weeks worth of the entire internet in a matter of seconds. They have been reviewing everything we have written and what our searches have consisted of. We are all being weighed in the balance and invitations will be determined accordingly. It's not just internet. They have access to many other communications and vast information concerning who has "been good or bad" through some of their people who are right here. You may have wondered why WT kept so much of your personal info written down and sent out to Hqts. and all you "sins" written in triplicate form. Every Masonic cult keeps records and accounts of their members. They are the ones to know best who has been "good" or "bad". Even in the secret societies, someone has to look over the list to know who owes a favor to the brotherhood and what crooked things one has done to be obligated. It's all there in black and white. There are many lists.


    This new creation will be home to many of us. It will orbit the earth. Not everyone will be going, but our loved ones who have not developed spiritually to the point of being able to live in a peaceful co-existence with others will have another round and you all will be able to look over them. I do know that personal interference will not be allowed because that is a Universal Law.

    New Jerusalem "comes down from heaven" but it does not touch the earth. Some of us will be taken up to meet it.

  • shamus100


    Kiss the monkey! Kiss me! New Jerusalem is coming, don't worry about gun control, silly. Kiss me! :D

  • DanaBug

    If my worthiness to enter is measured by WBTS rules, I want no part of it. No thanks.

  • cameo-d

    DanaBug: "If my worthiness to enter is measured by WBTS rules, I want no part of it. No thanks."

    The WT records have only been to intimidate you. Your true worthiness is not based on any man's opinion of you. What is important, though, is the contract you have with WT. Unless you revoke it, you have indicated that you choose man's rule instead. As long as you are under contract with the WT as your Master, you will not be free to go. That is what this spiritual battle is all about. Do you choose man's rule? If so, you will continue on with being under man's domination.

  • cameo-d

    In the last days "One Who is Like God" will stand up. Revelation also says that this One is "Like" the son of man. Like means "similar" and refers to the character of the christ. The JWs are confused as they have been told that this one will be the Archangel Michael. So how can this archangel be both Michael and Jesus? Because this one has the attributes of both the archangel Michael and the Jesus character.

    So what are the characteristics of the Archangel Michael? He is a protector. He restrains the evil ones from touching the heads of those who are the children of god. Who are the real children of god? The Archangel Michael's protection is needed because at this late hour a few are repenting of grevious sins against mankind and the laws of nature and these confessions put them in great peril.

    Archangel Michael is the angel of battle and he is also a destroyer. Destruction comes when he rebukes the enemies of the Creator. The sword he uses is his words. He is like Jesus because his words are Truth.

    The One who comes in the power of both Michael and Jesus is the one who hurls the rock at the feet of clay and tumbles the icon of the Metal man. He blows the final horn and finishes off "this system".

    He is here today and his work is visible. And the WatchTower will not last out the year.

  • avengers

    And the WatchTower will not last out the year.

    Bold words!

    Can you tell me what the criteria are to be eligible to enter?

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