My JW Brother is a Child!

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  • LucyA

    So I have a facebook accunt and my eldest sister lives a LONG way away so we use facebook too talk Ec... neither of us are JW so on occasion we send each other info. So the other day I linked an article from JW facts too my facebook account. My brother who is JW and says he only uses facebook and the internet for business purposes decides too comment on the article (just JW BS)and my lack of personal beleifs. Calls my mother (who im living with right now) and he tells her about my post. So I get the whole TALK about respect and now my mothers into religious conversion. But heres some questions I really want to ask my brother but cant because I have too RESPECT his beliefs.

    Q1. I'm 29 what gives you the right too DEMAND that I dont express my opinions?

    Q2. If you truely only use the internet for Business puposes WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING ON MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?

    Q3. What sort of childish 38 year old calls his MUMMY to tell on his 29 year old sister insted of descusing it with her?

    Q4. If your only argument against what I posted is JW BS why did you even post a response?

    So he sending me a JW book too try and prove his point. He will make a wonderful elder one day.

  • ziddina


    Let me get this straight...

    You are NOT a Jehovah's Witness. Have never BEEN a Jehovah's Witness. May have been raised with some exposure, but never baptised...???

    Who does he think he IS????

    It's like he's trying to browbeat you into the religion...!!!

    Tell him about all the legal victories the Watchtower Society has won for "freedom to practice religion" [which meant, of course, only THEIR freedom to practice THEIR religion...]

    Then emphasize that the FREEDOMS of this nation that allow HIM to be a Jehovah's Witness, ALSO allow you the freedom to NOT become one...

    He won't get the point, I suspect, but you might succeed in stopping his attempts at proselytising you....



    Your taking it all too seriously..

    Write him this..

    "If I want any Shit out of You..I`ll Squeeze your Head"..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • steve2

    LucyA, LucyA, LucyA. What can I say? You're brother's a child - so what really do you expect? Children run around playing games and saying "You're not fair" and "You're mean to me!" etc. You're also exhibiting some childishness in my view. Sure it's your Facebook account, but why are you singling out the JWs with that article that your dear little JW brother just happens to notice. He says "You're mean" and You say "He's not fair" and you'll put whatever you like on your Facebook. Fair enough - Go girl - after all you're the adult, aren't you?

    You state you're not sure how he's accessed your account - hey, it's simple: he knows someone who has access to your Facebook and they show him what's on your account. That's one way and it's too simple!

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