He was asked if he votes or not, he said I do not talk about politics or religion.

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  • Iamallcool

    Do you think he is a witness? Read the whole article.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I look forward to discussing things with Federalist Society members. There are people who can talk politics and religion. My family is Roman Catholic now. They use politics and religion as a cudgel to hurt me. I keep telling them there are good reasons for the prohibition on politics and religion. It can be about the topic but often the topic is an excuse to exercise brute force. It is about power in relationships. People can disagree and be civil.

    I have cried about my brother-in-law and nephew harassing me. My father picked on Catholics. One would think that the Society only hated Catholics. He spent endless hours writing antiCatholic diatribes, using Witness literature. He ached for the fight. Wives begged my mom to stop him from attacking their husband's faith b/c it was affecting their health. Numerous warnings from his employer did not stop him. He landed a big one -- a former Jesuit seminarian. It was all about the proper translation of soul. My father admitted defeat and spiralled into a depression. He never realized what trauma he inflicted on others.

    This case is very sad. Trauma is real. He will get help. It seems that the physical injuries are nothing compared to the psychic ones. When 9/11 happened I lived downtown. It took years to return to normality. My confidence in the world is still lacking. I've always thought it strange how heroes on TV can live through multiple events each week w/ no harm. This person can't be a Witness b/c he voted for her.

  • Palimpsest

    No...why would I think that? The majority of Americans are apolitical. Look at voter turnout and public knowledge polling. This whole "JWs are the only nonpolitical people" myth they propogate is garbage.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Very true about voter apathy. People seem to vote for lifestyle choices more than ideology. I worked hard for Obama but his persona was mysterious. He was soooo vague, which enabled him to win.

  • Palimpsest

    People seem to vote for lifestyle choices more than ideology.

    It's actually way more depressing than that. If you look at the mountains of research sociologists have done on this over the years, the average American actually votes on things like:

    - Personal appearance

    - Height and weight

    - Hairstyle -- yes, hairstyle

    - Humor displayed in debates

    - Accent and dialect

    Basically, people vote based on whether they want to hang out and drink a beer with someone, not whether they agree with their policies. I especially liked the study in 2004 that showed that a plurality of unaffiliated, uncommitted women questioned leaned towards Bush because they found him to be more the visually-appealing candidate.

  • Satanus


    The right to vote should not be automatic. All kinds of intelligence, character and physical tests should be administered before the right is granted.


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