the act of shunning spreads its tentacles toward others.

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  • man in black
    man in black

    My wife and I DA'ed ourselves two years ago, and dealing with the act of shunning was something that we were prepared for.

    But our two sons, ( 22 and 26) who were never baptized are dealing with it in another way.

    It seems that last week they went to the local Panera for lunch one day. This place is popular with the witnesses for breaks also.

    Well, as they were leaving there were several tables with the local jw's on morning break, they all talked and reminised a little about growing up,

    doing things, and going places together with all of our families.

    BOTH of my sons inquired about everybody's families, parents/siblings/relatives.

    But both boys came home just fuming because not one of the witnesses asked how their parents were doing. The boys could not comprehend

    how these people who have known us all their lives could just completely omit my wife and I from any comments, or questions.

    It really brought to the fore how happy they are to be away from the jw mindset., as the older son said, " how real can these people be when they

    remember all the times spent together as families, yet not even ask how our parents are doing" ?

    Oh and by the way, one of the witnesses asked my younger son if he would be interested in getting together with him this weekend,

    son said "sure, where should we meet"?

    witness said, "at the kh at 1:00 for the public talk"!

  • Hairyhegoat

    The JW'S are all very shallow people, from the comments above they show what kind of people they are. Your sons can see right through these very calous unloving drones.. We are out and just faded so to speak but we are now in the last month or two 100% shunned by JW family. They will grow old a never see their grandkids ! It's their loss.

    Take care from the HHG in the UK

  • nugget

    The JWs in question were extremely rude, but they may have been concerned about embarrassing you sons by enquiring about you. Often the query really relates to whether someone has seen sense and returned to the fold. I feel sorry for them the society makes them into social cripples. At least this sort of behaviour will help your sons to see through the nonsense.

  • DaCheech

    I'll meet you at the kingdom hall after you aknowledge my family!

  • blondie

    *** w02 7/15 p. 31 Sow Righteousness, Reap God’s Loving-Kindness ***Illustrating how foolish action results in bad consequences, Solomon states: "Asforanyonebringingostracismuponhisownhouse,hewilltakepossessionofwind." (Proverbs 11:29a) Achan’s wrongdoing ‘brought ostracism upon him,’ and both he and members of his family were stoned to death. (Joshua, chapter 7) Today, the head of a Christian household and others in his family may get involved in wrongdoing that results in their being disfellowshipped from the Christian congregation. By personally failing to comply with God’s commandments and by tolerating serious wrongdoing within his family, a man brings ostracism upon his own house. He and perhaps others in his family are excluded from Christian association as unrepentant wrongdoers. (1 Corinthians 5:11-13) And what will he acquire? Only wind—something lacking any real substance or value.

    *** w69 2/15 p. 106 par. 5 Look to the Bible as Our Guide in Life ***Achan was thereby condemned and, along with his whole family who apparently condoned his action, he was stoned to death.—Josh. 7:1-25.


    I'm sure jws use this to justify shunning non'df'd family of df'd jws. ()

  • Honesty

    itsacult so what else can we expect from the mindless drones who support its policies.

  • Jadeen

    That's kind of funny, because I had a conversation with a witness once that was almost the exact opposite! I was just starting to fade at this time.

    Her two daughters were around my age and we had hung out a lot- camping, sleepovers, shopping, etc. They were both disfellowshipped and never returned (good for them!) I had heard that the older one had gotten married and had a baby.

    Me: Xxxxxx, how are Xxx and Xxxxx?

    Their mom: (Confused pause) Well, they're both disfellowshipped.

    Me: (Understanding that Mom is shunning her two daughters) Oh, I was just wondering how they were doing. I haven't seen them in so long! I remember... (some story about camping).

    Their mom just smiled and nodded through my story and then changed the subject. I hadn't know that she was shunning her kids and was a bit horrified by it. In my area, most people don't shun family, but they do keep their association on the down low. But then their mom was known for being a real cow.

  • Scott77
    "...I feel sorry for them the society makes them into social cripples..."

    I think, that was a strong point. I liked that


  • flipper

    MAN IN BLACK- Interesting experience. I too have experienced the tentacles of shunning in my JW family. It is srange how other witnessesare infected with the attitudes of others negativity and out of shallowness they shun as well. The tentacles have deadly poison in the tips

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