Posting recorded conversations or transcripts on the internet

by InterestedOne 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • InterestedOne

    Given the weird dynamic of conversations with JW's, sometimes you only get the effect of it if you hear a recording of it. I was wondering if it's illegal to post recorded conversations with them on the internet without their permission. What about posting a typed-out transcript as long as the speakers are not identified? Is that allowed?

  • Elgiard

    Depends on where you do the recording. In some places, as long as one party (you) in the conversation knows that the conversation is being recorded, then it's all good. In other places all parties need to be notified that the conversation will be recorded, but notification can be as simple as having the recorder in plain sight or having it emit an audible beep at intervals.

    As for posting your recorded conversations, once the recordings are made then you own copyrights and can do whatever you want with them. Unless you're violating doctor/patient confidentiality or something.

  • sherah

    Whatever you decide, omit personal identifiers out of the transcript and/or recording.

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