Facebook and 'Electronic Telepathy'

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  • metatron



    Facebook just overthrew the government of Tunisia, apparently. Young minds merged together via wireless broadband in a manner that's never happened before - especially as regards the element of time. No need for 'committees of correspondence' to deliver messages over months. No need for books like 'Das Capital' or 'Mein Kampf' to be printed.

    Something has emerged that will change the course of human history profoundly - I call this 'electronic telepathy' - for lack of a better term.

    Oh, and by the way .............. a computer system called "Watson" just beat the greatest Jeopardy players of all time!

    Things are happening fast. This is not "SkyNet" in the Terminator movie but could be just as profound.

    Ray Kurzweil may be a far greater prophet than the Watchtower ever was. All Hail the Singularity.


  • Vidiot

    Yeah, you know we're at a paradigm shift when the apostates get the new elder's handbook before the loyal elders do...

    Unlimited information access, full transparency, and their inherent checks-and-balances spell the eventual death knell of all authoritarian, heirarchal regimes, IMO.

    History won't miss 'em, either, as far as I'm concerned.

  • bohm

    meanwhile, i dont think anyone can read an article on machine learning and not get a feeling we are trying to fly by discussing which type of bird feathers are best to glue on our cardboard-wings.

    the singularity is a long way off.. i dont expect to see anything like it in my lifetime.

  • journey-on
    And what has helped to break the barrier of fear that kept Tunisian anger bottled up for so long? Social networks like Facebook, which have helped organize protests and fuel online rage across this North African nation.
    Why do you think governments, especially ours (US), are talking more and more about control of the internet and talk radio. They would love nothing better than to be able to just "pull the plug" whenever they want to.

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