BROKEN LINKS in the "chain" of reason

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  • Terry

    Here is the chain of reasoning:

    We are the only true religion.

    How can we prove that?

    We take the "food at the proper time" from house to house and door to door.

    No other religion can say that.


    What you take to the door is just crap. Why would the True Religion take crap door to door?


    The light grows brighter and brighter until....blah blah blah. We NOW know more than we did before.


    If something is True you can't change it. If something is false you can correct it. If you say something is True when it is false you are a liar and have to change it when you get caught!

    Apologia: What other religion has all the True teachings on Hell, the Trinity, Armageddon? Where would we go if we leave Jehovah?

    Refutation: A clear glass full of thirst quenching milk with a drop of cyanide in it: why wouldn't we go ahead and drink it???

    A little leaven ferments THE WHOLE lump.

  • thetrueone

    True Terry , there is a long list of the WTS self validations, posthumously proclaimed by the Watchtower corporation.

    In a practical sense this what they must do to keep their devoted adherents and that is selectively twisting facts and provide misinformation

    to maintain an imaginary illusion that we are the only organization that are " in The Truth " .

  • Terry

    A man hires a freelance painter. "Can you paint my porch in the back? Here is the paint. I'll pay you a hundred bucks."

    The painter tells him, "Sure."

    A few hours pass and painter knocks on the householder's door. "All done. Where's the hundred bucks?"

    The householder tells him, "Let me take a look at what you've done."

    They both go around to the back of the house.

    The householder looks at his porch and nothing has changed!

    "Hey! What are you trying to pull? This porch isn't painted!"

    The freelance painter gives him a funny look. He points to the garage. "Oh, sorry--I though you said Porche."

    This is the kind of error Jehovah's Witnesses routinely make in their theology. "Oh, sorry--we thought "generations" meant _______."

  • thetrueone

    The WTS has been quite deceiving in conjuring up lies and misinformation and then self labeling them as the truth,

    which in a sense is a oxymoron ideology when you think about it.

    Thats just how religion operates itself, what they do to cull and lure in followers should never be perceived as the wholesome truth.

    Some people instinctively have their guard up about alluring conniving cults and some simply don't.

  • Quentin

    Well done slide show, good points made all round!!!! Especialy the steaming pile left behind...

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