April 15th 2011 Watchtower

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  • alanv

    If a brother has been baptized at least one year and to a reasonable degree meets the Scriptural qualifications

    for ministerial servants outlined at1 Timothy 3:8-13, he can be recommended for appointment.

    Interesting comment in the latest Watchtower. Looks to me like they are now willing to lower their standards for those who qualify to be ministerial servants

    First they are saying that the brother only needs to be baptised a year, and secondly only needs to a reasonable degree to meet the qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3

    It has been said before on jw discussion sites that they are short of men who are willing to be mini servants or elders. Maybe that is true.

  • minimus

    there's already a 2 page thread about this on the same page...check it out.

  • alanv

    Thanks minimus. I feel a right idiot now. It really is amazing how ex jws get all the important points often before the sheep.

  • ldrnomo

    When I was an elder, the biggest requirement was field service hours. If a man was a really good teacher, compassionate, approachable, helpful to others, etc. etc. it didn't matter if he didn't hit close to the average hours of field service.

  • Awen

    Looks like they're having to replace all the ones who are leaving, hence why the standards have been lowered. Of course the rank and file JW's won't comprehend this as being the reason. They will simply assume that the preaching work has become more streamlined and people are becoming spiritualy mature much faster than they did in previous times.



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