Who really is the faithful and desceet slave?

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  • chiguy2010

    Hello, I'm new to the group just getting my feet wet.

    In recent articles I have read a lot about how the FDS is taking the lead in teaching and in organizational matters.

    Who is the FDS that is now taking the lead? Is it members of the GB, the service committee, the writing committee?

    How do they decide on what is or is not a new understanding.

    If anyone has WT references, please include…


  • Ding

    Moshe has started several threads on this topic.

    Search on his name and look at recent threads he's started.

    If you want, send him a PM about it.

    It's a favorite topic of his.

  • wobble

    They are so Discreet nobody knows who they are, phone up the New York headquarters and ask to speak to any one of them ,and see what happens.

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