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  • im stuck in
    im stuck in

    I have been reading alot of posts here lately. One recurring theme seems to be problems with our mates that are still in. So I thought perhaps we could put our thoughts together in a organized manner. Most of us seem to be males with wives that will not see what we have seen about the borg. But I am sure that there are many women too men we are not alone in this. So maybe we can help each other

    Me first I guess. I have explained most things I have learned to my wife so she knows how I really feel but it goes right over her head die hard witness don't ya know. You see we love each other very much but I have ruined her dream of living together forever. So though she knows I think it is all bs she keeps her mouth shut. I have told her that I will wait it out and see if anything they say comes true. But I am playing the cards my way. We read and study together I slip in now and then some old literature last week it was the proclaimers book showing her something that was posted here last week didn't say too much but I saw the lights come on. I do not fight with her no matter what! I attend some meetings but really never join in tough for a former elder. I go on my terms not hers. I have a number of things that I do at the meetings to keep my mind busy so that I don't throw up. These include frequent trips to the bathroom im old ya know! Ha Ha, reading and I have mastered the art of turning my mind off and thinking about other things with out letting on too much. Daydreaming at night I guess you could call it. And durring those trips to the bathroom frequent use of my smart phone I even read this forum at the KH ( bad man). Some day I will get her out but I realize it will take time. These things usually keep me sane. So these are some of my tricks what say you ? Do you have anything that we all can use.

  • paladin

    I have been married since 1970 and my wife is a born in witness, but I got involved with this cult back in 1968. My wife has not been able to wake up yet and she is a tough one to convince, so I am still stuck in this religion. She might see some day that it is a cult with my help.

  • flipper

    I haven't attended since 2003 - however I'll give this a bump up for those that want to brainstorm experiences and ideas

  • Evidently Apostate
    Evidently Apostate

    one thing i know does not work is the false prophecy battles. i never argue about what i know when she starts with "you have me so confused or i dont know what to believe" i end it there. i will go to the kh once in awhile but if i did not have kids i probably would never go. we have been married 20 years and i love her dearly but she knows i am never going back to being a good jdub and my time as one is running out. i try to show her the best side of the "world" and we have several non JW friends which i think is huge.

  • GrandmaJones

    I sometimes think that we try to convince others of reality of the Watchtower's bogus blarney. We do so using whatever it was that rang our own bell. You have to try to find the other person's achilles heel. All witnesses have one. That's the bell you have to ring.

  • leavingwt

    If the person is truly happy as a JW, he or she will remain a JW.

    So. . .find their sore spot (if it exists) and exploit it.

    A person has to reach the point at which they begin to say to themselves, "It really sucks being in this religion."

    Slowly, they'll give themselves permission to indulge their doubts.

    It is VERY necessary for a person to begin imagining a happy life outside of WT. This is essential.

  • peacefulpete

    Perhaps the best way to help is by not saying anything. I spoke with my wife from my heart saying only that I could not continue a JW because of research I had done but didn't want to cause her separation pains from her family or religion. Your respectful position will impress her of your good intentions. If she wants to know why you left she will ask, in her good time.

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