How many sites are their critical of Jehovah Witnesses .

by smiddy 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • smiddy

    I saw a Christian site some years ago that gave a figure of all the sites that were critical of Jehovah Witness religion , it was in the thousands , probably including ex members , and other religions opposing witness beliefs , however I can not find it now.

    Can anybody shed light on this ?


  • sparrowdown
    I have often wondered this too smiddy, I would venture a guess and say that there could be many more in the future.
  • jhine

    Smiddy , I do not know the particular site that you mean, but the only religions that are not opposed the the WT will be those who share their anti Trinitarian views


  • Simon

    Depends what the criteria for qualifying are - one blog post critical of the WTS? The theme of the site?

    Some of the directory listing sites used to categorize sites and have "opposing views" sections for most religions but they haven't been updated in a long long time.

    I think all religions have vocal ex members, some to greater degrees than others. I don't know if JWs are more numerous or more vocal than Mormons for instance.

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