Ties between Society and local KH

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was wondering how the Witnesses tend to not have much education. It takes skill to administer the dictates of the Brooklyn centered Society down to the local Kingdom Hall level. Other religions do this but they have a professional clergy class with old school networking. The Bethel crowd gets paid a salary, barely, but more than publishers. Are Bethelites actually employees? If there is no paid class below Bethelite, how does the admin work on a day to day basis. I've noticed the Society loves to isolate itself legally. How do they know that the brother at the KH is not a pedophile or committing fraud?

    Maybe it works. It has been so long that I've been out and I was just a kid anyway. How is uniformity achieved? I assume being an elder, or district whatever involves substantially more work than going door-to-door. How are elders selected? Can someone volunteer? In my day, we had overseers. Elders were bad. My church has paid priest and music director then a volunteer vestry. We had one overseer who was British who went demon heavy. He hammered it and hammered it way beyond the WTBTS. Then, he became a remnant when NO ONE less than 70 years of age was a remnant member. How are mavericks such as that handled?

    I truly don't want to read the Witness lit to find out. Thanks.

  • brotherdan
    Are Bethelites actually employees?

    No, they are volunteers of a religious order (much like nuns, who like bethelites, take a vow of poverty)

    If there is no paid class below Bethelite, how does the admin work on a day to day basis.

    There are paid people below Bethelites like CO's and Special Pioneers. They don't get much at all though. The trap is works. They use the JW belief against them. If they can affect the heart and use specific mind control techniques, they can achieve what they have achieved.

    Read Stephen Hasaans book "Combatting Cult Mind Control". You will see how the Watchtower society has used each one of these mind control techniques to persuade people.

  • drewcoul

    CO's and DO's are able to get money from the Witnesses in the congregations they serve. I used to have a roommate who became a CO. He used to tell me how generous the bros were.

  • kurtbethel

    When I asked details about this during a study, I got a bunch of incoherent dubbletalk and it was apparent that these r&f members had no clue about the relationship of the society and local kingdom hall

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