The Twilight Zone: The Train to Paradise Earth...

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    Twilight Zone: The train to paradise earth…

    A young man approached the train station with suitcase in hand. He saw a crowd of people sitting on benches waiting patiently. He approached an old man and asked:

    “Is this the train station to paradise earth?”

    “Why yes” the old man said. “You’re just in time the train will be here any minute now”

    “How long have you been waiting” the young man asked.

    “Not long 47 years” the old man replied.

    “That seems like a long time”

    “Not really my friend here has been waiting 63 years”.

    “How do you know the train will be here soon” asked the young man.

    “Oh the Oracle told us, God speaks thru the Oracle and the Oracle has never been wrong”. the old man replied.

    Looking around the young man sees a jail cell full of people.

    “Are those people marked for destruction” he asked.

    “Those are the disfellowshipped ones, if their sentence ends before the train arrives they will join us” said the old man.

    The young man looks out to the train platform and sees a group of people whipping themselves bloody.

    “They must be marked for destruction” he exclaimed.

    “No those are the super rightous, they have given more to God’s service than others and will be the first to board when the train arrives” replied the old man.

    The young man looked up to the surrounding hills and noticed grand mansions.

    “Are they marked for destruction” he asked.

    “No those are our wealthy materialistic brothers, they are allowed to enjoy the fruits of this wicked system, they have pagers and will join us shortly before the train arrives”.

    Just then a bus stops outside the train station and opens its doors.

    “Is that bus bringing people to join us?” the young man asks.

    Fearful and lowering his voice the old man said. “We must not speak of those things”

    “What is that bus for?” the young man ask.

    “That is the apostate express it is here to pick up those that have lost their faith, they are marked for destruction”.

    The old man slides oven on his bench and says.

    “Here have a seat the train will be here any minute now”.

    The young man hesitates sets down his suitcase and slowly takes his seat.”

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    V good.


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