Elders who drink too much?

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  • hoser

    In the Feb 15 study watchtower pg 29 paragraph 5 it asks"If you choose to drink alcohol you should ask yourself? if I need to counsel others on this matter do I have freeness of speech?

    when I read between the lines I get this" you elders are drinking too much and no one is listening to you when you tell them to cut back on the booze"

    I knew one elder who took me to the bar when I was underage, awesome guy. and another pioneer elder who would sneak his drinking so no one would notice.

    Do any of you have experiences of a boozer elder?

  • mamalove

    Yes I do. The very one calling me to try and get my status because I had referred to the JW's in a kool-aid context. He and his dear wife are proflic drinkers, or at least were last I had known and witnessed it in my life. They had lots of parties, attended lots of parties, and if it was a dry event, they were definitely not thrilled.

    I know he has been counseled before, and the elders turn a blind eye to his wife for various reasons. I really like the guy, but yes, I am afraid he has been on JC many times and he himself has not been without "sin."

  • pontoon

    When Wat farm personal new I was making a trip to the north, I would get lists of booze to pick up for them because it was quite a bit cheaper up north. Not just a couple of bottles---a LOT. One farm elder woul give me a list (all different kinds of booze) that would fill a case. I finally stopped because it was a pain keeping it all straight, making the exchanges in the KH parking lot, and collecting my money.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    When I was a teen I was given alcohol many times in Watchtower Farms. I knew an elder that was making his own beer in the closet at the farm. the PO and wife where I am i know is an alcoholic and even gave there known pregnant daughter alcohol and the baby died from a heart defect.

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