Jehovah Witnesses say harassed in south Sudan

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  • brizzzy

    "They (the government) accused our brothers there that they were going from house to house telling people not to register and not to vote," Taban Jamba Lemi, a Jehovah's Witness based in Juba, told Reuters late on Friday.

    "They are just allegations and the government took them seriously," Lemi added.

    "For Jehovah's Witnesses, each one has his own responsibility whether he votes or not. We are not dictating that all Jehovah's Witnesses cannot vote."

    (Pfft. Spot the lie.)

  • Iamallcool

    Don't you know the meaning of Theocratic Warfare Strategy?

  • dozy

    I know a few JW missionaries in Kenya who occasionally go over the border - there are a (very) few JWs in Sudan but it is a complete basket case of a country. They would be best advised to keep their heads down. Mind you , in Africa basically JWs are a completely different religion to the West.

    As for JWs being allowed a personal decision whether to vote or not , we all know that is just untrue. I know an elder who has voted in every general election for the last 30 years as he sees it as a civic responsibility. In recent times he has been given a postal vote but in the past when this wasn't available he used to skulk up at 10 o'clock at night to vote just as the booths were closing so that no-one from the KH would see him. He knew that he would at best lose his position and at worst be put in front of a JC if anyone from the congregation saw him & reported him.

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