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    Ancient tablet unearthed in Yucatan

    Dateline - December 31, 2010

    While exploring the ancient remains of a Mayan city, near the Mexico city of Cancun, several ancient tablets were unearthed in 2008. They were believed to be, at first, a ancient form of the Mayan language. However, once they were examined, it was discovered they were actually a ancient form of the Latin langauge.

    After years of translation, it was found that the tablets were actually a tale unexpected. It appears they are the recordings of a man who came to this part of the world, thousands of years ago. In the tablet, he described coming from a future world, in which destruction was coming upon this planet. Through a means not described, he somehow moved through time and found himself in Europe of the past. Realizing he would not be taken serious enough by the Caucasian society of Europe, he set out in a boat to North America.

    After months at sea, and knowing from his future knowledge, he landed near what is now modern day Cancun. The people who lived here were shocked by his appearance, as his eyes were blue and his hair was blond and long. Not to mention he was six foot four, a height they could only see as godlike. A godlike image worked in his favor and he was able to learn their language enough to pass on his message and inpart enough knowledge to perhaps make it to his future world and serve as a warning.

    His warning went as follows ...

    'In the first decade of the twentieth-first century, solar activity on the sun will begin to come to an extreme point. This activity will go by at first, barely noticed by the general masses. Slight weather changes, colder winters and warmer summers. News will come of odd power outages, of disruptions in communication and other items that seem to just be the normal course of human events.

    As the decade ends though, with an economic collapse, a moment of calm will come about in which things will appear to be getting better. However, like a fire that seems to shrink and burn below the surface, so too will be the days that follow. Soon, mass deaths of animals will come, both in the air and in the sea. Earthquakes will increase, as the radiation from the sun affects even the land masses. People will take notice and look for explanations, as cancer cases increase to levels never thought possible.

    The economy will take an even deeper turn to the worse, and crime will increase to the point that people fear even leaving their homes in the day or night. Which comes to be a good choice, as the summer of extreme heat arrives, in which areas of the world will see temperatures over 130 degrees.

    Governments will start to realize these events are connected when winter comes, with little to know snow fall or rain. They will begin building large green houses to grow in a more controlled environment and keep the food supply moving. However, this will be too little too late and for most in the world, starvation will become the new normal. Chaos will ensue and with the increase in deaths due to heat and cancer, bodies will be left to sit in the streets or the remains of their home. Fires will burn unchecked and people will have nowhere to run.

    In the middle of it all, religions of the world will all look to their God and Gods. All saying that this is the end of the world, yet they will be wrong. For it will not be the end of life, it will be the end of life in the light. For mankind will no longer be dwellers in the sun. No, they will stay out of the day and live in the dark. A would that fears the death in the rays and will move on in a new world of darkness.

    I give this message to those of the future. December 21, 2012 will be an end. Just not the end of life, but rather the end of light.

    Welcome, dwellers of the dark to Shadow World.'

    .... The tablet ended there in the warning. Although it mentioned how this man took all his knowledge and passed it along to the Mayans in secret code and messages, to make sure as much knowledge of the future would make it through time and warn people. A hope to change the outcome of so many deaths, of so much violence. Hoping that this gift to come back, would not go by wasted.

    He mentioned his name, Kevin Lee Malcolm, but said the Mayans could not pronounce it right and knew him simply by what they felt he was saying when he said his name. Kublakahn! A name he hoped would one day be one in the same, with a warning of what could happen and what damage could be done, if the world ignored December 21, 2012.

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