The Leviathan

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  • garyneal

    Mentioned in Job there is much speculation on what this being really is.

    Proof of the dinosaurs that existed side by side with humans, perhaps?

    Of course, it could refer to a great sea monster that is either myth or legend. Or it could simply be a whale. *

    But hey, why should we rely on scholarship or fundamendalists attempts to reconcile evidence of dinosaurs with the Bible when we have the The Finished Mystery. It reveals that the Leviathan is a steam locomotive. My daughter has a little small locomotive that we call the Leviathan based on the testimony of this wonderful book.

    Yet, I wonder if the book is only part way there?

    There may be some truth to the whole Leviathan being a dinosaur thing after all.

    Children show us so many things that we adults cannot clearly see and upon watching one of my daughter's favorite shows, I think that the fundamentalists religions are really saying this is the Leviathian.

    Dinosaur Train

    There, now it is settled...

  • Mythbuster

    Prophecy has been fulfilled! The end is nearer.

  • Listener

    Their train will be disrailed soon. The constructed too many shonky tracts.

  • EndofMysteries

    Leviathan is associated with the wild beast coming out of the ocean in Revelation, ties to the description of pharoh of egypt in ezekiel who is hooked and pulled from nile river. some non canon books speak of the world feasting on the flesh of leviathan after he is destroyed in God's day. in job flashes of light from his mouth, think firebreathing dragon.

    the WT is waaaaay off, and very surprised never did real research into it.

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