Unity and Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • stuckinamovement

    Faithful people will tell you that unity worldwide is one of the identifying marks of the true religion. Jehovah’s Witnesses will especially point to the unity of belief “no matter where you go” as proof that they are God’s organization.

    As I sat listening to the service meeting part last night about our “unified organization” it hit me…........ The largest group of unified people is within an Army. They speak the same language with unique terms, They are instructed to read the same books and manuals. They have the same educational programs, they have specific exercises or drills that are performed, and they look to a central command of senior officers for direction. They all have the same objective no matter what age, race or religion they are. Groups of Soldiers in an army are broken into smaller groups and sub groups, much like districts, circuits, congregations, field service groups. Each soldier serves oftentimes because he or she believes that they are part of something worth living or dying for.

    If you decide to leave the army before your term is up you are called a deserter and marked as a traitor, if you choose to question procedure or policy you are punished, sometimes by members of your own unit. If you talk back too much you kill any chances of advancement. Many soldiers will comply because they know what the consequences are if they don’t. To put it very simply there is unity within an army, because it is mandated and enforced.

    As Jehovah’s Witnesses we are taught that we are a “large army”. It is true. We serve with a higher power in mind and feel that we are part of something worth living or dying for. We are unified because there is only one place where we are allowed get our instructions, or our education and that is from senior management in Brooklyn/ Patterson. If you ask questions too much you will not advance, if you leave the “army” you will be punished and be accused of being a disloyal traitor.

    Unity is present within the organization because it is enforced, it is not an organic spontaneous process from learning the truth about God.


  • leavingwt

    WT enforces uniformity. This is much different than unity.

  • TheLoveDoctor
  • stuckinamovement

    @ Leavingwt - Great Point

  • Hairyhegoat

    I see no unity only backbiting and compertition in my old congregation, thats why I left these dummies behind. I was a very good public speaker and could have been a elder by now. But as you all know I left 12 months ago with my family and we have had the best year of our lives! Unity comes at a price in the JW'S world you do what we say or else. Coddswallop!!! Dudley asembley hall is on the hairyones hit list in 2011!!! Lets see what we can do to mess up the meetings there... Anyone on here have any idea's for the hairyone and loads of goatlets ? I know some of you on here are from the UK West midlands area, lets have some fun at Dudley next week!! And I don't mean at the zoo!!


  • monkeyman

    Motivation for remaining in the Army is fear of a commanding officer. It is the antithesis of how the Christian Congregation was portrayed in the Bible.

    Love was the motivating factor. The scriptural model for theocratic organization was a FAMILY, not an Army.

    The worldwide "brotherhood" is a myth. It doesnt exist as pointed out by previous posts.

  • Farkel

    "Unity" is a voluntary meeting of the minds and objectives.

    "Conformity" is a forced meeting of the minds and objectives.

    The WTS uses the first word, but really means the second one. If they didn't mean "conformity", they wouldn't punish someone for disagreement.

    They lie about everything.

    Christ asked for unity. Dictators and all other tyrants demand conformity.


  • Mythbuster
  • Soldier77

    JWs are not in unity, as mentioned above. WTS wants conformity and uniformity, that's their version of unity. They don't care what you think, what you have to say or who you are. You're just a number to them.

  • Roski

    Just on the military theme - when my husband was in the military (not a western country), for long periods of time they were made to dig holes and then fill them in again. He says this was to reinforce blind obedience and to teach the soldiers not question whether an activity was worthwhile or not - the benefit of this being that when told to kill they would simply obey and not make a value judgement. It broke down their ability to think individually - according to him.

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