I still wonder why no pdf of yearbook - thoughts?

by therevealer 5 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • therevealer

    mp3's are great for someone to listen to on the way to work, why? I can't imagine. But why no pdf? Is it just to keep the report harder to access?

  • alanv

    It's the 2010 service report that most of us want to see. Fokyc said the Yearbooks have not arrived in UK yet, but surely they are out in the USA by now.

    If someone has one PLEASE can we have a scan of the worldwide report

  • factfinder

    alanv- you have a pm!

  • Gayle

    factfinder,, do you know of copy of the 2010 Service Report?

  • factfinder

    Gayle- I cannot scan it but I have the yb. If you want any specific info let me know and I will look it up for you.

    Alanv- let me know too.

  • GL

    If you can copy the pages you should be able to scan them. I have a scanner but no yb yet. - sorry .

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