Out of the Mouth of Babes

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  • snowbird

    A former boss of mine has a grown son who was nearly electrocuted when he was a child. Even though the son can interact with others, he requires adult supervision in all his activities.

    His dad talked about us a lot and the son felt like he knew us.

    Each year, dad would always throw a huge Xmas party and invite everyone. During that time, I was still trying to hold on to the JW's, so I declined the invitation.

    The day after the party, the son called and demanded to know why I didn't show.

    I tried to explain in a way understandable to him why I didn't celebrate Xmas.

    The son said, and I will never forget these words: "You could have come to say hey to me. anyway. You don't have to be celebrating anything in order to do that, do you?"

    Those simple words pierced me to my heart. I replied, "You are absolutely right. I promise you that the next party your dad gives, I will be the first one in the door!"

    That made his day.

    Just something that has come across my mind, and that I wanted to share.


  • minimus

    "Hey" or "hi"?? Goober.

  • snowbird

    He said "hey."

    That's how we roll.


  • james_woods

    I recall that we had a Down's syndrome kid in my old KH. He still talked to me (as much as he could) after I had left in 1979 and was DFd for apostacy.

    He was the only one that did (at the time).

    It made his mother cry.

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  • nugget

    Children are always spot on. At the memorial my son was going to take some of the bread and I told him he couldn't. His reply was: "If you didn't want me to eat it why did you pass it to me?"

  • snowbird
    "If you didn't want me to eat it why did you pass it to me?"

    The question of the millennium!



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