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    Have you ever read the writing style in Rutherford's time? The vocabulary is very similar...e.g., honesthearted ones, overcomers, etc. Sometimes that is due to the Bible translations they used then (no NWT until 1950 and only parts until 1961). Writers today tend to copy from older articles to CYA. At times when I first got the CD I found whole paragraphs lifted from older pubs and inserted into current articles. Rutherford had legal training and you can tell it from his style. All this has filtered into articles year after year. "Jehovah" was used less in Russell's writings but pumped up in Rutherford's when he started pushing the 1931 Jehovah's witnesses name and distancing himself from "Bible Students." Rutherford pushed "vindicating God's name" a teaching that was finally dropped and acknowledged in 1995.

  • TheLoveDoctor

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