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  • truthlover

    Welcome to the board -- it does have a lot of good information on it with a lot of sincere people, I mostly sit and read the comments, dont make a lot of comments... however,

    One question I have, since the new elders book has been released, I was wondering why the term "brazen conduct" is now being used - is it to narrow down pubs actions so that they are in more of a corner as to why they did what they did when in front of a jc?? Would that not allow for more df's???

  • curiousconfused

    Its designed I think to create a clearer differential between one who errs, once, perhaps a few times, in conduct that would be catagorized as Loose Conduct, and the person who makes a practise of that conduct - even if it becomes known about - becoming brazen in their actions and attitude. Thats my take anyway. I think in practical terms it will result in FEWER people sitting before a JC rather than more.


  • truthlover

    thank you for the reply -- welcome again!

  • maninthemiddle

    curiousconfused, I have to agree with you, and I hope you are correct about it meaning fewer JCs.

    I think there may be a looking at attitude more than actions, not just in the JC but also leading up to it.

    Example, are they bragging about what they did to others.

    I only hope that some don't use this to bring greater punishment on those who try to hid something because they are embarrassed.

  • james_woods

    Brazen does not mean the same thing as repeated.

    To me, it is sort of an opposite of Secretive - an uncaring DISPLAY of sin. Both Brazen or Secretive sins could be once-only or repeated.

    I would just guess that this is code-JW-elderspeak to mean that the JC can use private reproof unless the sin was made public knowledge.

    You could also make a case for it meaning "unrepentant", but that is not really logical - as a person could conceivably be repentant after very brazen conduct.

    However, that is really off-subject for a judicial committee, as they always just guess about repentence (or use their prejudices) unless the person simply tells them to go to hell.

  • poopsiecakes

    I've been wondering about this 'brazen conduct' thing. Depending on the elder body it really could be used for anything in my opinion.

    For example - a sister shows up to the meeting wearing a pant suit. Nobody says anything. Next meeting same thing, and eyebrows start going up. Next meeting same thing again and the sister gets called to the back room to question her choice of attire for the past 3 meetings. She says that she sees nothing wrong with her choice to wear a pant suit and that there certainly can't be anything biblically wrong. Elder says yeah but you'll stumble others. Sister replies that's their problem, not mine. Next meeting pant suit again and all of a sudden it's become brazen conduct...

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