**Daniel 5:25 NWT-Cross Reference Why Half Shekel? Not half mene?**

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  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    This is a real teaser!

    Many Bible commentators as well as WTB&TS suggest Daniel interpretation indicating a half shekel would be in keeping with many other instances of the usage of the half shekel throughout the bible and was what Daniel refered to. However some early bible students and writers feel there was another meaning to the mene, mene, tekel , parsin.

    No fair polling the internet looking for explanantions.:) Look at the vss, insight books etc.. or hint (weights and measures)

    I agree with these earlier bible students. I feel an error is made in this instance in using the half shekel as the amount. Rather it should in fact be the half mina or mene.

    In order to prompt interchange among you posters, here then is the question??

    Why does it almost certainly have to be the half mene?

    Please follow this thread if you are unfamiliar with this information because to me, it is is most compelling with regard to bible prophesy, the FDS...etc....


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