How Well Do You Know the Pure Language of the Watchtower? (crossword puzzle)

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    How well do you know the "pure language" of the Watchtower?

    Crossword Puzzle

    (must print this out, then download the instructions)

    SOURCE (if you can't print the whole picture here)

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    It's a litle outdated, but not by much :-))

    (print out these instructions if desired for home use)

    1. initials of 2nd Watchtower president.
    3. JW who sued the WT in 1943 and won.
    8. where JWs think they will live forever.
    10. a full-time door-to-door WT salesman.
    12. WT substitute word for "church".
    14. if you leave the WT, you are treated as cold as this.
    16. "Seedbed of apostasy" according to the GB (city).
    18. antiquated WT term for one of the "other sheep" (kr. 35:19).
    19. "We are certainly living in the ___ days."
    21. the state of the dead, according to WT.
    23. world empire of so-called "Christian" churches.
    25. overseer of several congregations.
    26. what JWs must say when offered literature about the Watchtower.
    27. designation for WT future hope (2 words)
    29. what males cannot wear on their faces.
    31. "pagan" doctrine that began in 325 C.E.
    33. title of newsy bimonthly publication.
    34. retranslated in NWT as "undeserved kindness".
    36. "We will not find true peace in this ____ of things."
    38. this is simply the grave.
    39. long-debated as to whether he would have a resurrection, for his stunt in Eden.
    41. "The soul that sins shall ___ ." (Eze. 18:4)
    43. "Look! I am Making All Things ____ ." (title of popular 70's booklet)
    44. WT word for "worship" when used of our approach to Christ.
    46. first name of Governing Body member kicked out after Ray Franz.
    48. "We are not of the 'anointed,' we are of the other ____."
    49. WT word for their pastors. 51. "Jesus is not God, but is __ ____." (2 words)
    53. "Millions Now Living Will ____ Die" (famous slogan of the 20's).
    54. What you cannot get at a hospital, under pain of disfellowshipping.
    58. Bethelite designation for brother with non-organizational outlook. (abbr.)
    59. Disfellowshipping offense as of 1973.
    60 WT abbreviation on field record slip for ones who aren't at home.
    63. previous President of WT.
    64. the Adamic flaw not dealt with for "great crowd" until the Millennium.
    66. God's opponent-at-court in the trial of the universe.
    67. Today we are making "return _____." (formerly "Back-calls").
    70. WT favorite designation for dates before Christ (abbr.).
    71. Watchtower Bible & Society.
    73. sung liltingly, "From _____ to _____, from door to door...."
    74. "This means life, their taking in knowledge...."
    77. " of the truth" (designation for those who expose Watchtower fallacies but are not former members.
    78. a former member (abbr.).
    81. name of chief publication of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Important Dates (across)
    79. the name "Jehovah's witnesses" adopted.
    83. first closing of doors to heavenly class membership.
    86. "spiritual nation of Jehovah's witnesses" born (dead anointed ones raptured the year before).
    87. invisible return of Christ (second date).
    88. Governing Body chosen as representative of "faithful and discreet
    slave" (144,000).
    92. original beginning of "the time of the end".
    93. "Great Crowd" declared to be an earthly class, would not go to heaven.
    94. abolition of elected elder arrangement. "Company Servants" take over.
    95. prophesied date for resurrection of ancient worthies and "new system."
    96. number of pages in The Watchtower magazine.
    97. original date for invisible return of Christ.
    98. WT pivotal date for first destruction of Jerusalem.
    99. number of years of the "Gentile Times."

    2. "Let us run the ____ set before us" (earning salvation).
    3. first name of C.T. Russell's wife.
    4. In the atoning of sin, Jesus is the for the "remnant" only.
    5. What you cannot say to a disfellowshiped person.
    6. "The Midnight ___ " was a magazine printed by N.H. Barbour, also announcing the 1874 return of Christ.
    7. "_______ Now Living Will Never Die" was a popular cry in the 20's.
    9. "Because you do not continue with them in this course..." (1 Pet. 4:4, NWT)
    10. What you hear Sunday morning in the Kingdom Hall (2 words).
    11. designation for an overseer of several circuits.
    13. same as 34 across.
    15. the tetragrammaton.
    17. also designated as the 144,000 (means "chosen").
    18. _______ Greber, the spiritist consulted by the WT.
    30. Abbr. for “goody-two-shoes” Bethelite
    32. Founder of Watchtower Society.
    33. “___ Scripture Is Inspired” (1963 WT book)
    34. Watchtower Missionary School
    35. Ex-JW who no longer believes WT teaching.
    37. “Be sure and turn in your ____.”
    40. What happens to you if you question WT teaching.
    42. Left over anointed on earth.
    44. “I was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the spirit-directed ______.”
    45. Used instead of A.D. in chronology.
    47. New disfellowshipping offense as of 1987.
    50. Third president of WT.
    52. “You Can Live Forever In _____ On Earth” (WT publication).
    55. Going door-to-door is referred to as “going out in _____”.
    56. Abbr. for corporate WT name, from which the term “Bible students” was derived.
    57. Woman of God prefiguring older “anointed” class.
    61. ______ servant (WT deacon).
    62. “We can hardly wait until this ___ system of things is gone.”.
    68. What a Witness must do when confronted with evidence of WT false prophecy.
    69. “Christendom is the devil’s organization, while we are ______ organization.”
    71. Those who will live on earth are termed the “great _____.”
    75. Though Witnesses say they are saved by grace, they are still under ___..
    76. WT bible (abbr.)
    Important WT Dates(down)
    80. When 1914 failed to bring Armageddon, it was moved up to ____.
    82. “Advertise the King and Kingdom” program began at Cedar Point, Ohio.
    83. Year the WT said, “We are in the remaining months before Armageddon.”
    84. Most recent failed date for the end.
    87. Year God was to destroy all churches and church members, according to “Finished
    88. Year of “great apostasy” at Bethel (most recent)
    89. Momentarily declared “great multitude” would live on earth, but then they were later
    assigned back to heaven until 1935.
    90. Same as 88.
    91. Last given price of Watchtower magazine before “donation” arrangement.
    92. Number of Governing Body members currently.


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