A Publisher’s Guide to Unfair Disfellowshiping and Defamation of Character

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  • Giordano

    A Publisher’s Guide to Unfair Disfellowshiping and Defamation of Character

    Is now posted on Freeminds.org, I saved a copy in case the subject comes up as it will again and again. I'd like to be able to share good information about this issue. So I'd like to hear what you think about this approach, does it hold up and can it work?

    My take away is that you can in some situations reverse a DF DA shunning even if it happened a while back?

  • Mad Sweeney
  • Giordano

    Thanks Mad!

    While there check out the home page for:

    'A Publishers Guide to Door to Door Ministry Liability'

    'Publishers Guide to File Complaints with the Internal Revenue Service Against the Watchtower'

    Has Freeminds declared war on the WTBTS?

  • simon17

    I think its a very nice attempt but ultimately this is a fight that you cannot win. Its like coming up with a legal argument why your lunch table in high school can't turn on you and make you stop sitting with them... if a bunch of people want to ignore you (the JWs), then they are free to do so. You can't MAKE someone keep you in a voluntary group.

  • Giordano

    My understanding is that the legal department has been waving a red flag at the service department in the WTBTS to start covering their ass when it comes to DF and DA in these secret little congo back room trials. Elders could be vulnerable to law suits for violating the Constitution and the last thing the society and the elders want is bad publicity.

    A number of interesting points were raised in the article:

    "A person cannot be mentally abused, forced to undergo intentional infliction of emotional distress. That is where the line is drawn. The Elders cannot force you to accept punishment that is illegal and you have the right to call an attorney and the elders must respect that legal right and the elders have to drop the hearing at that time. Once you ask for your legal rights or an attorney they can no longer use any form of discipline against you.

    If for example a matter comes up concerning your conduct you have the legal right to request for those reasons to be placed in writing so you can fully understand the charges against you and should the matter contain allegations from someone accusing you of something immoral or unethical you have the Constitutional right to face your accuser.

    If the Elders whom do the accusing in such matters do not provide you with a written copy of the allegations then you have the right to object on the grounds of Discovery evidence. For those that don’t know discovery evidence is a rule before the Courts saying each party has fully cooperated in sharing evidence with each side.

    If no evidence has been given to you in writing then no hearing can take place. That simple, because you are afforded your rights."

    This other section is more then interesting: "If you have been disfellowshiped wrongfully or unjustly and want the disfellowshiping removed then you should contact the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in Patterson New York by Certified mail with a return receipt and type a letter to demand to know the scriptural reasons for the disfellowshiping in regards to the laws of the United States. Demand an answer within 30 days. If no reply is sent then that means the Disfellowshiping was unjustified or never happened and you are cleared.

    At that point you can go to the Elders and tell them your not disfellowshiped and all privileges should be restored to you as before and anything less may be a form of discrimination."

    So how many DF persons are there in the USA alone? Perhaps a class action suit is the way to go? Or a couple of thousand letters asking for the DF to be removed?

  • trillaz

    Does anyone know of anyone using these tactics successfully?


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