THE WITCHTOWER 12/2010: The modern Jeroboam class, the food pyramid etc.

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  • processor

    A bit late, the new - and last monthly - issue of The Witchtower is available for download now.

    • The Modern Jeroboam Class in Action: Who is the greater Jeroboam, and how did he make Bethel a center of false worship?
    • Perfect Health – How to Achieve? Can we use Jesus' cure even today?
    • Sheet Music – Is It for Christians? Who invented musical notation, and for what reason?
    • The Evil Spirits – Where Are They? Where can they dwell without being expelled?
    • Wheat or Weeds – Which Side You Are On? What does the future hold for wheat and weeds, and how to some people respond to wheat?
    • The Witness of the Food Pyramid: Which important truths are corroborated by the food pyramid, and when will Armageddon come?
    • Do You Have The Mark for Survival?
    • Introductions for Use in the Field Ministry: An updated version of some introductions from the Reasoning book
    • “Are You Using the 1983 Calendar?”
    • “The End is not yet”!/pages/The-Witchtower/114394598605300

    All of my publications can be found here:

    Since January 2009, sincere people found comfort in the articles in the magazine The Witchtower. From then on, 24 issues were published, covering current topics, important Biblical prophecies and live-giving truths.

    However, the present issue will be the last monthly one. Jesus foresaw this development. He referred to it when he said: “See that you are not terri-fied. For these things must take place, but the end is not yet. “ (Matthew 24:6) Accordingly the Witchtower editor will continue to provide timely spiritual food, to be found here:
  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    thankyou for the work you have done so far...

    i will be hungry for more food as you prepare it

    does this mean the witchtower magazine will go to Bi monthly?...


  • cameo-d

    Aussie Oz: "does this mean the witchtower magazine will go to Bi"

    I think you could get some real interesting material to wake up the sleepers if Witchtower goes "Bi"

  • processor
    does this mean the witchtower magazine will go to Bi monthly?

    No. Actually I'm not planning to create ANY regular issues. I simply don't have the time to create a complete 16-page magazine in two languages every month. I did it for 3 years now (2 years for English), that is enough.

    Whenever I'm in the mood to do so, I might publish single articles in a new blog, (German) and (English). The blogs are not set up yet though. If there are enough of such articles, I might also compile them into a PDF magazine.

    Also, I might publish some other brochures or tracts =) ... There is still an article series "Pay Attention to the Brothers Grimm's prophecy!", explaining the Grimms' fairytales as prophecies. If there is interest, I might at some point translate these into a brochure.

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