Psalms 139:16... JW vs. like everyone else...

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  • Confucious


    So a friend a baby and was sharing a scripture.

    And I thought of Psalms 139:16.

    So I "Google" it and I see all the "alt" translatiosn of the scripture compared to what I remember from the NWT.

    The way I read it from what the other translations?

    Basicaly, it favors predestination.

    I feel the WT socienty has it's power through saying - "Hey... God doesn't know you unless you're with us."

    But the way I read it? The God already knows you and has plans for you.

    And it makes sense. Why else would Cyrus be named?

    Why else would Jesus say that "you will disown me 3 times."


    I just think this is huge.


  • Listener

    You are right and it does my head in to think about it. God knows everything and is able to do anything. It was put to me that he created us with our own free will and God can also choose not to know what our own choices will be. Our future may or may not already be known but we certainly have some control over that in that we personally decide if we will be obedient or not.

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