Did Pope Approve the New World Translation "JW Bible"?

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  • cameo-d

    I read somewhere that the Vatican has to approve all translations.

    If they had to approve the NWT, wouldn't that mean that the JWs come under the jurisdiction of the Papacy?

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    I doubt this would apply to the present day with "free thought" abundant. Old world periods were under control of the Pope and undoubedly prior to printing would have to have his approval before any distribution would occur. This attitude on the papacy's part prompted "underground bibles" and not a few martyrs through those dark ages of Christianity.

  • spanco

    why do u bother about pope or anyone,who worship images and jesus as god.since jesus said about them (matt 7:21-23).Worship jehovah whole heartedly (exodus 20:4,5) (psalm 83:18) who has given us life and sent his only son who gave his life as a ransom sacrifice by which we may enter in god's kingdom(everlasting life)

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Oh yah! what he said??

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The early Bible translators frequently ran afoul of the politcal power exerted by the Vatican. People were martyred. Today the imprintaur on the book stating it is acceptable to the Vatican, leads many people to ignore the book in lieu of one not approved by the Vatican. A modern example is The Last Temptation of Christ. It had a scholarly, nice article. The Cardinal of New York forbade Catholics to see it. When I arrived at the theatre, a line snaked around the block of upscale NYers, reading The New York Times and bestsellers, as they waited to enter. No one was going to tell them what to watch. A small group of polyester clad Greek Christians protested. Altho written by a Greek author, I am certain not one of them read the book or understood its concepts.

    I cannot possibly conceive that the Vatican with its vast resources would approve the WTBTS Bible. The notion is comical. The Witnesses purposely mistranslated words so that the New World Translation would bolster JW doctrine. The doctrine evolved, then the New World Translation. I don't see how the Pope would ever endorse Manson's interpretation of Helter Skelter by the Beatles. Likewise, why would the New World Translation be approved.

    Bible translations are available that were prepared by scholars with no deep ties to any religion. The doctrines should proceed from the Bible and tradition, not the other way around.

  • agonus

    WT's eschatology makes about as much sense as Helter Skelter, only it's far less interesting.

    Now if the WT brought the Beatles into their theology, they might actually see some growth. After all, the Beatles are bigger than Jesus.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The Beatles were my beacon out of the WTS. Imagine their fame and their power. Yet John was not bragging that the Beatles were popular. He was remarking how sick society was. They were always humble concerning their music. Fans viewed them as unique. They never saw themselves that way. Indeed, they cited music and social trends that influenced them. Even John at his craziest Yoko period would never proclaim he was the sole organ of the Holy Spirit.

    Their early music was so inspiring and unabashedly joyful. The Kingdom Hall was agony. I was severely punished for liking them.

    They brought me much joy and continue to do so. Rather than using their power for evil or to brainwash, they used their music to have fun.

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