BonaFide Watchtower Demolution Project- Any Progress??????????

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  • Scott77

    I have been through a lot of suffering in the Organization, but compared to others, my suffering is nothing. I know personally of those whose lives have been ruined by the Organization, and I have read on here of so many others. People have lost their lives, lost their parents, their children, suffered immense pain. And there are many like me who are stuck, hard to leave, hard to stay. So this is the best I can do. I will view it as a success if 500,000 or more leave the Organization in the next 12 months here in the U.S. As far as my project is concerned, I haven't seen anyone try anything quite like this before, so here goes.


    That is what he stated above. Any progress todate?


  • wobble

    I hope he is O.K ,and if he has abandoned his project for any reason, perhaps he could pass on the idea to us, via a P.M if he prefers, and we could maybe pick it up and run with it.

    No shame in having an idea and not carrying it through, we have all done that, so give us a shout Bonafide !

    All the best to you anyways,


  • Scott77

    Same with me too. I hope Mr. BonaFide comes up to explain or updates us.


  • yknot

    Better yet...... as much as I miss him..... I hope he takes the WTS down in the best way possible.... one individual at a time starting with himself, moving on and out never looking back, no regrets and everything to gain and taste that is good in this world!

    Huggles and Happy New Year wherever you are tonight BF

  • Scott77


    I recall that Mr. BonaFide had a family within the Watchtower, the very reason for his decision to stay-in and eventually help them out. Of course, I agree he has to come out first before aiding others.


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