Jehovah's Witnesses and their IMPOTENT Jesus

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  • Terry

    Unlike mainstream Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses already enthroned their Jesus in 1914.

    In fact, it is the very foundation cornerstone of ALL their doctrines!

    What is particularly embarassing (or should be if realized fully) is that JW's own enthroned Jesus has been quiet, docile, ineffective

    as ruler and completely impotent when it comes to accomplishing anything significant!

    97 years as King and the world goes on the way it always has!!

    If this were a President we might ask the question: "ARE YOU BETTER OFF since (the JW) JESUS started running things??"

    The Jehovah's Witness argument has been that Jesus rules in the midst of his enemies directing the preaching and teaching work.

    But, the obvious question is WHY did Jesus wait 2000 years before taking the throne in the first place?

    Especially after considering this fact: once he actually took the throne (in JW theology, that is) HE HAS DONE NOTHING to change things from the previous quiet 2000 years of nothing!!

    Did you miss my point? Why come back and start ruling if THINGS DON'T CHANGE from BEFORE he started ruling??

    Printing Watchtowers and knocking doors has proved particularly embarassing for this brand of Jesus. Why?

    IF JESUS is feeding his sheep----why is he feeding them crap?

    Excuse me---I didn't first establish it was crap, did I?

    Okay, let me do that.

    The "feeding of sheep" has been nothing less than disastrous End Times emotionalism preparing for an imminent Armageddon which NEVER SEEMS TO FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE given by Jesus himself!!

    Generations (yes, that word!) have been pointedly and precisely ASSURED they would not pass away BEFORE Armageddon.

    They died one by one with that PROMISE BROKEN all because JESUS (the JW's own brand of Jesus, that is) lied to them through the Watchtower.

    Why would a REAL King Jesus choose an organization that lies to people in his name and in his Father's name while they pretend to be EXONERATING the Name??

    Oh, excuse me---they no longer teach that, do they? They aren't really vindicating Jehovah's name anymore. Hmmmm, wonder why?

    Every former Jehovah's Witnesses knows full well the "Food at the Proper Time" has been a lot of bad guesses and misleading nonsense BECAUSE IT IS CONSTANTLY CHANGED from what it says and means.

    If Jesus were telling the truth in the first place (according to the Watchtower) why would he change it from what He Said before?

    We are left with only two choice:

    Either Jesus is impotent, a slaggard and a liar


    Jehovah's Witnesses serve a False messiah who is really against the REAL Jesus (which makes them Anti-Christ; that is, against the REAL Christ.)

    Which is it?

  • Leolaia

    I had a tongue-in-cheek thread on this topic:

    Unfortunately the emoticons and images no longer work, so much of the humor is gone, but essentially a similar point.

  • clarity


    Fabulous, I love it. How could a JW look at that and not get it? ya ya I know...


  • tec

    Nothing to disagree with here... moving on...


    Great piece, Terry. Very clear, direct and concise!


  • Terry

    Millions Now Living Will Never Die.

    Millions Now Living May Never Die.

    Millions Once Living Died Anyway.

    We said what we said BUT it really meant something we DIDN'T say.

    How is this chain of teachings any indication of being GUIDED by either : a. Holy Spirit b. Jesus himself c. Father Jehovah?

    Say what you mean and mean what you say.

    Saying what you meant but later changing the meaning is nothing short of misrepresentation.

    Let's look ahead to the year 2014.

    ONE HUNDRED YEARS with Jesus on the throne........the Governing Body (you can bet on it!) is working hard to cushion the shock of ineffectiveness and false promises connected to 1914.

  • PSacramento

    Terry hasn't obviously understood the New Light !

    Doing nothing is doing something !!

    It is quite evident that: The New Light teaches us that what was, was for that time and needed to be that way ( then) but not now ( now) because now ( not then) is the time for That( which was then) to be Now ( Now).

    It can't be any clearer than that.


    Terry, thank you for finally making the distinction between the Jesus of The Watchtower and the Jesus of the bible. This is the first time I have agreed with one of your posts.

    Happy new year!

  • thetrueone

    Was the return of Christ just a assertive commodity utilized by the WTS. to spur attracting interest to the WTS's

    own literature , you bet it was . It was also used to bring some viable relevance to the organization as it made its public appearance.

    Posturing themselves on this premise helped in the propagation of millions of pieces of literature being sold throughout the world,

    just as it still does to this day. A marketing success story for any publishing house to hold on to.

  • Terry

    Terry, thank you for finally making the distinction between the Jesus of The Watchtower and the Jesus of the bible. This is the first time I have agreed with one of your posts.

    Happy new year!

    And a Happy New year to you too.

    Each element of Christianity throughout history expresses specific "needs" through the way it interprets JESUS for themselves and for the immediate future.

    In this particular personal sense Jesus is constantly re-interpreted and newly represented in a novel way--but--never represented as a NEW Jesus.

    Oh no. Only as the REAL Jesus being made clear by those who know the Truth.

    Even Joseph Smith is considered by Mormons as RESTORING true worship rather than simply INVENTING a new one.

    As I went into great detail in other Topics about William Miller (Adventist chronologist) the JW ideas about End Times and Jesus' own role

    in the 2nd Coming are largely recycled Adventist re-inventions.

    NOTE THIS: As novel ideas about Jesus are PROVED FALSE they aren't done away with. No. They are RE-INTERPRETED and presented as mere


    Absurd example: The snow was black.

    Clarification: The snow "appeared" black due to the heavy cloud covering.

    The element of plausibile deniability is present while completely abandoning the absolute nature of the first statement "in light of" the second.

    Jehovah's Witnesses from the time of Pastor Russell went from a RETURNING Jesus that every eye shall see (Adventists)....

    to a reinterpreted RETURNED Jesus who was invisible (the "eye" of wisdom discerns him!) thanks to Christadelphian ideas.

    Millions NOW LIVING will never Die became the generations teaching which reinterprets the actual MEANING of the statement in Rutherford's day.

    The fact remains that for any Christian at any time JESUS can be whatever they need Him to be for TODAY by the constant update process of REINTERPRETING the scriptural "meaning".

    NEW LIGHT is nothing new.


    (Senile felineS)

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