The numbers of "apostate" Bible Students?

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  • BluesBrother

    After the death of C T Russell and the Presidency of J F Rutherford it is well known that a number left the official organization of the WTS and split. These have been likened to "Evil Slave"....the "Five foolish virgins" etc. I had always been led to believe that their organizations had disappeared . Comments like this in the Proclaimers Book certainly give that impression.

    Proclaimers Book page 68

    "What became of those opposers and their supporters? After the January 1918 annual meeting, the opposing ones splintered off, even choosing to celebrate the Memorial, on March 26, 1918, on their own. Any unity they enjoyed was short-lived, and before long they broke up into various sects. In most cases their numbers dwindled and their activity diminished or ceased entirely."

    Since using the net it has become clear that this is not the case : This link to Wikipedia shows that they are alive and kicking still .

    So contrary to the untrue understanding given by WTS The Bible Students still survive in sufficient numbers to have a significant net presence, and we are indebted to them for providing some very early reference material.

    Wiki says that present numbers are not known..It would be very interesting if any members with connections to the Bible Students can give us some idea of their current numbers?

  • wobble

    I agree Blues, it would be interesting, but I have a vague memory that they tend to be self-governed churches and not really part of one organization, so they may not bother to keep accurate numbers.

    But a very educated guess from one who knows would be informative, and, in addition, information on the number of other breakaways as in Romania etc.

    I am sure you have put your finger on another "Proclaimers" half-truth.

    What a terrible, mendacious attempt at white-washing WT history that book is !

    I guess the Bible Students would not label themselves "Apostate" , they would say Rutherford was the one who left "the truth".

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