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  • varian

    during my early 20ies while studying the bible, and many years after babtizm, i never dated even one sister! not one!

    my cong was like in nomansland, and consisted of many older jws. so it was pretty depressing as a young brother without the slightest hope of finding an appropriate partner.

    but one day, a very hot looking sister joined our club for a while, so all of a sudden, there were all types of dudes from other congs coming to our meetings.

    i don´t know how this conversation came about, but one jw gave me the advice, not to mention a persons name in prayer, because god will know who the right sister will be a suitable partner. hahaha!

    so in other words: if you fancy someone, and you seem to get along together: for goodness sake, never have her on your mind during prayer! let god decide what is good for you!

    it was the loniest years of my whole life. it was like locking myself in a cellar on purpose. very depressing!

    where you told a similar thing about praying for mr/mrs right? its not biblical, is it?

  • pirata

    I think it was mainly "practical wisdom" he just didn't want you to be dissapointed if it didn't work out, or feel like God didn't answer your prayer.

  • varian

    hi pirata,

    he didn´t know my thoughts at that time. but it sounded like a biblical advice. but nowhere does it say to pray for someone, or mention a name during prayer.

    so, if you´re seeing someone, don´t pray to god during that time, because god knows far way in advance who is really the right partner.

    can´t i decide for myself who i fancy and who i don´t?

  • VanillaMocha73

    As I read from the Bible, you can pray ANYTHING to your Father. We have freedom to come boldly before the throne with whatever.

    JWs add all the prayer rules....

  • Scott77


    If you felt lonely for much of the those horrible times, Iam wondering why did you not check out at other nearby congregations, and during Circuit Asseblies or District Convections? That is one way how some have widen out to overcome that challenges.


  • AGuest

    I know many who had that prayer, dear varian (peace to you!)... and oooh-wee came to regret it! Some sooner than others. Although the JW façade is quite thin, more often than not its opaque and hides what's truly "behind" it. Fault of the WTBTS... which teaches that folks should "hide" what they are behind suits, long skirts, book bags, meeting attendance, field service, magazine placements, assembly parts, no. of bible studies/baptisms... and things like these. Very easy "act" to pull off, as most of us know for one reason or another.

    I have learned one thing in my walk with Christ... and that is to be careful what one asks for. Because sometimes we "get" exactly what we ask for... which may not be something we really want... or need.

    Just my $0.02... and, again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • varian

    thank you all for your kind posts.

    during my time, we didn´t have internet. so i always had to wait for the circut assembly. poor looking back on it.

    have a wonderful 2011. varian

  • Soldier77

    I learned I don't like witness girls. Any witness girls I went out with were fringe girls and probably shouldn't have been a witness. That was only a couple though. The rest were worldly girls, and let me tell ya, they were 100x better than them witness girls.

  • Newborn

    OMG is all I can say, what a stupid advice!...I feel sorry for you and the lonliness you felt and I hope you've found your girl!!


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