Vacation at the In-laws

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  • treadnh2o

    Haven't posted in a while but I guess it's time for me to vent and you guys to be entertained.

    I am spending a week at my in-laws, this is the first time I have seen them since I quit being a JW and told my wife that she could accept being in a "divided household", quit being a JW herself or get divorced. Needless to say she stayed and they think I am jerk.

    Sohere is the highlight of the visit:

    I went to the grocery store with my 22 year old brother in law ( who is currently DF'd for the second time, claims he wants to be a JW but he has a favorite on his computer that said "F** a dating website or something to that effect and spent a night in jail in the past week) We get back from the store and his father starts chewing out another brother in law for having an an open alcohol container in the vehicle (he never went with us). I made the comment to my wife that I did not appreciate him associating me with this action especially in light of my BIL recent problems with the law. I did not make a big deal about this but everyone knew I was not happy.

    Then my mother in-law decides to tell her super righteous husband I was not happy and this jack-ass decides to confront me. Now this is a sport for me, so I respond "Just because I no longer buy into your false religion, don't assume that I would allow your son to put himself in this position.

    He starts yelling at me and I am trying not to laugh And tells me not to call it false religion in his house. (I am ready to get a hotel room but still have a wife to keep happy) After him ready to blow a gasket everything settles down.

    Fast forward to the next day; my kids worldly cousins dont want to come over because of what happened last night. So after prying out of my wife what exactly they said, she tells me all the kids including my own thought I was being ganged up against. Win for me!

    So now my worldly in-laws feel that because I don't believe the "Truth" the dubs are ganging up on me. It's actually a great result because admittedly, I was pushing his buttons with no fear of any consequences (except my wife wasn't too thrilled).

    Oh yeah I almost forgot-after the dinner prayer, I made the sign of the cross on my chest when I noticed he was watching me just to add fuel to the fire.

    I made the sign of the cross on my chest when I noticed he was watching me just to add fuel to the fire.

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Hairyhegoat

    Nice one !!! You should have snook in to his Witchtower libary and wiped your ass on all the mags and books And then blammed it on the dog. Only if they have a dog of course, if not just say you had the trots and this the closest paper to hand.. lol.

    I would not have gone to this gathering because trouble was brewing before you got there and I think you were set up!!!

    Take care and happy new year all


  • treadnh2o

    "I would not have gone to this gathering because trouble was brewing before you got there and I think you were set up!!!"

    I am spending a week at their house.

    There was another JW their who after the confrontation said "I used to call my in-laws, outlaws"

  • undercover
    I would not have gone to this gathering because trouble was brewing before you got there and I think you were set up!!!

    I don't much care for visiting my in-laws either, but when you're married you pretty much have to every so often.

    I can relate treadn... Except for me it's the MIL. My FIL is pretty clueless. He believes because he's told his wife. Given the freedom to do what he wanted, who knows what he would've ended up doing.

    The MIL though, she's a zealot. I used to go toe to toe with her but over time, I've learned to ignore her. I mean, you can't argue with a dub anyway, especially the know-it-alls. but I learned that ignoring her and not letting myself be drawin into arguments and "debates" drives her nuts. She wants to have control and get the last word, but when she starts in, I leave the room. She gets the last word alright, but it will be out of my earshot and that burns her good.

    Outside of that though, I try to not ever do or say anything that causes too much trouble because it usually ends up being trouble for my wife. I try to keep it as easy for her as possible. There's still enough cognitive dissonance there that when push comes to shove, she defends her mother and the organization no matter how factual or logical an argument I present. Better to not force her to take sides with that pressure. It just undoes all the work I've done over time.

  • treadnh2o


    I have been married for almost 20 years and know the "bite your tongue" drill.

    I just couldn't resist the "false religion" comment.

    It was also the first opportunity for me to make my position clear to them concerning the JW's.

    Also, the general consesus is my MIL's husband is a super-righteous moron. Which is cool. Anything for my kids to see the truth about the "truth".

  • wasblind

    Hi there Tread,

    don't forget to point out to your children that the JW's are the " happiest " people on earth

    and that's why families members are DF'ed , shunned, mentally and physically abuse ,

    and die from blood loss all for the belief of this cult,

  • moshe

    Your wife must really love you- the idea is for you to be the martyr and for the relatives to act like jerks towards you. Good luck.

  • treadnh2o


    My wife is actually really cool. She was stunned however, that I brought religion up. My kids, who go to meetings with mom actually recognized the moron married to my mother in law and sided with me.

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