Hospitality hour?

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  • Lynnie
    So I just talked with my JW mom and of course she had a very busy weekend with the memorial and then Sunday meeting. Then she said that she went to a hospitality hour after the Sunday meeting. Has anyone heard of this? Apparently they do it by groups and someone offers up their house and people come and eat and probably drink too! I've never known them to be so organized for something like that. I know that people do that on their own among their own little cliques like going out for drinks after the memorial. And I've always wondered why the Kingdom Hall can't possibly have a kitchen and an area for people to have coffee or brunches or whatever. Most churches have some sort of facility like that. Then people could stay after the meeting and have coffee or whatever and socialize. Of course most people probably just want to get home as soon as they possibly can!
  • sir82

    In every congregation I've been in, there is a tradition of inviting the visiting Sunday speaker out to lunch after the meeting. It is typically organized by field serve-us groups (used to be organized by book study).

    It sounds like that is what she is referring to.

  • FayeDunaway

    It's seriously stupid they don't have kitchens/fellowship rooms at kh's. Why not?? Is all that friendly socializing a distraction from field service? they could have potlucks....I mean..... everybody bring a dish dinners! Memorial service meals right on site instead of having to travel! And yes, coffee after the meeting!! I guess it's all just too much unfathomable fun.

    I don't see it happening. Plus, they would have to write a thousand page rule book if they had a kitchen and fellowship hall on site.

  • hoser
    Sounds like happy hour less the happy part.
  • ShirleyW
    So I guess the little party they used to have after the weekly Book Study, although I don't think they did that every week, I think my mother said one week out the month they used to bring food, has now been extended to the Sunday meeting.

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