If Armageddon comes on a Tuesday......

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  • ThomasCovenant

    Does it mean that all the people who die on the Monday will be resurrected on Wednesday, whereas those who die on the Tuesday are dead forever?

    In practice, isn't this the JW belief?

    Therefore, every death now, prior to the 'imminent' Armageddon, is really a blessing in disguise.

  • leavingwt
    Therefore, every death now, prior to the 'imminent' Armageddon, is really a blessing in disguise.

    This is precisely why their funerals are nothing more than Sales Events. They couldn't care less about dead people. They view the dead as having gotten a "free ticket" into Paradise. This, in contrast to their miserable state of needing to EARN that ride into Paradise. They envy the dead, which is fitting, considering that it's a cult of death.

  • wobble

    I discussed this issue with a MS who came to "shepherd" me shortly after I left.

    I outlined how ineffective the door to door work was at getting the message over and yet people would be judged according to their reaction to the "Good News" as presented, and yet if they had never heard it they would get a resurrection, so I said :

    "The best thing you could do is not say a word, just shoot the householder between the eyes as soon as the door is open "

    I got the glassy eyed, deer in the headlights look , and silence that was all he had to offer to many of the points I made.

  • mentallyfree31

    Wobble - Interesting point of view. And very true. It all seem so silly when you can just put it in black and white.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    A true believer in JW doctrine should be perfectly willing to take the lives of as many people as possible before Armageddon comes to destroy them. A true believer in JW doctrine would be perfectly happy to give his own life to save others in such a way.

    I can only see a couple reasons why this doesn't happen. One, the GB hasn't ordered it yet and it conflicts with the "do not kill because it's God's job" doctrine, so the true believers just "wait on Jehovah" for the genocide. Two, most of the rank and file aren't "true believers" in that sense. They don't believe the details of the WT doctrine; they don't actually believe thier God of love would kill everyone anyway, and so they're less than enthusiastic about the ministry and it's "life saving" ability.

  • clarity

    Thomas Covenant hello there!

    Well,... thought provoking subject this morning, kind of makes you go hmmmmmmm!

    How gullable we were, to fall for this cult line of thinking.

    Actually my reaction when I saw your title, was yeah... if A comes on a Tuesday then we have no place to run, 'cause they cancelled the tuesday nite book study(rendezvous) ... so we're screwed, ha ha ha ha ha ha....


  • heathen

    I was under the impression that to reject them was the same as rejecting jehovah and therefore was eternal damnation. I would however lmao if one day they did the kool aid .I reject them not jehovah because they are stupid .

  • peacefulpete

    Like heathen posted, they covered this angle about 40 years ago by suggesting that those who had opportunity to listen to the JWs during this "judgement period" but didn't convert would be judged wicked and not be resurrected. This, of course, did not set well with JWs with nonJW family or mates. Soon speculation grew about the EXTENT of the exposure to JW doctrine and MOTIVE for not converting. This opened the door to belief that many WOULD HAVE become believers given the time and it was simply not their time to be called out of the dark into the light. Others speculated that God would judge the hearts and that though not a JW they would be judged favorably. This was naturally not the message the WT wanted spreading. Subsequently there were a number of attempts to downplay the damage done with generic statements about leaving the judging to God and that he would do what is right.

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