JWs and the pursue of higher education

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    Lots of misleading comments by JWs there. During one of my last Elders/Servants meetings with the Circuit Overseer, the subject of college was focused on. The points I got from it:

    A brother whose son or daughter attends college can keep his privileges IF:

    - He does not recommend or push the idea of college in the congregation

    - The purpose of the education is to secure a job that can be used to support his/her spiritual goals

    - The son or daughter continues to live at home and remains active and a "good example" in the congregation

    However, if those criteria were not met, he would likely lose his priveleges.

    So the literature won't come out and say, "Don't go to college". But off the record, and only in our handwritten notes, it was usually a cause for some disciplinary action.

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