war in heaven vs christian testing

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  • diamondiiz

    Gentile times point to October 1914 according to WTS. So Satan was cast down in October 194 while the signs of last says started around Aug of 1914 because that's when WW1 began? Or did last days began in Oct and WW1 had nothing to do with the last days? Also, am I to assume that the war in heaven began prior to Oct casting of Satan or was Satan kicked out of heaven real quickly like within several days in Oct??? While it appears that the angelic war was very quick, the testing of Christians on earth appears to have taken a much longer time according to WTS -literal 42 months(Rev 11:2). From Dec 1914 to June 1918?? Why December and not October? hmm It appears they needed Dec to fit with Rutherford's sentencing in Jun of 1918.

    Then, they were dead for 3.5 days which really means the 3.5 days were figurative lasting 9 months. Finally in 1919 FDS was appointed of the domestics.

    So does that really make any sense at all that powerful demons would be kicked out of heaven almost over night while it would take 42+9 months to determine who the true Christians were?? But then again at the time wts followers believed Jesus returned in 1874 and celebrated holidays and accepted blood transfusions.

    Looking over this material, it's amazing how many of us were duped into believing something this outages at one time in our lives.

  • Hoffnung

    Yep. For JWs it absolutely normal that 42 months are literal and 3,5 days mentioned in the next verse are symbolic. It is coming from the completely reliable GB, Gods chosen channel of communication. If that is not enough, what to think of the resolutions from 1920's conventions. An absolute fulfilling of pouring the bowls on the world, also written in revelation. Nobody here in Europe has ever heard from those. What were we stupid to believe this BS and all the rest on top of it.

  • PSacramento

    Of course nowhere in the bibel does it say when Satan was cast down, but we do have this:

    Luke 10 :18

    18 He said to them, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like a flash of lightning.

  • Perry

    thanks for connecting those dots. good work

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