Jehovah's Witness crimes - Interactive Map/Database

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  • rifter

    Hello friends, Rifter here from JWR.

    I'm starting a new project using Google Maps to plot locations, news articles and other sources regarding high-profile crimes committed by Jehovah's Witnesses, and other related reports. The project will be ongoing, and much of the data so far is based on articles posted in the In The News section of JWR. I will soon be adding data from additional sources whenever possible. I hope this information will be of some use to others while researching the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    You can view and browse the worldwide map by clicking this link, or the image below. Clicking on the points of interest in the map will reveal excerpts from media articles regarding such reports, as well as links to any available citations.

    This map aims to be a database of crimes committed by members of the Jehovah's Witnesses, as reported by independent media outlets.

    The aim is not to suggest that all of JW's are criminals. Rather, it serves to annihilate the false notion promoted by the leaders of the Watchtower that their organization constitutes a "safe haven" from high-profile crime, violence, and sexual victimization. Rather, independent sources clearly indicate that such activity is at least as common within the confines of the Jehovah's Witness community as it is within the rest of society, if not more common, due to the socially isolated nature of the community, Watchtower policies that harbor criminals, and the higher prevalence of mental illness.

    This map is updated manually based on postings on the JWR forum and searchable online news outlets, and is by no means a complete representation of all crimes committed by JWs. Not all media, court, and police reports mention the religious affiliation of the accused.

    Sources cited in the details. Locations are approximate.

    Discussion thread for this project on JWR.

    Happy Holidays,


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Hours of fun!

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  • I<3MYGod

    They are pretty good at keeping these things hush hush.

    I told my mother about what I found out about jay dubs hiding and protecting pedophiles...she was shocked for a moment and then I'm not sure what she did with the knowledge. She may have talked to the elders and they told her it was a bunch of crap spewed forth from apostate lips - I'm sure it went something along those lines....

  • JW_Researcher

    Looks good.

    The sources are a nice touch but will they remain online? I have bookmarked stories on news sites and returned only to find the news story deleted or replaced with an unrelated newstory.

    Do you have a way for the sources to be something other than URLs which are susceptible to removal?

  • rifter

    Do you have a way for the sources to be something other than URLs which are susceptible to removal?

    I too have encountered this. Some news sites archive older stories online, others do not, and require you to contact them for a copy. Most of the stories are quoted in full on JWR. In the event that a missing citation cannot be replaced with another source, I will cite the article title and date, which in most cases can be verified on request with the media outlet. Wherever possible, I am linking to more than one source.

  • betterdaze

    Many thanks from a news nerd, rifter!

    (I once recommended a Google news search on "Jehovah" to a diehard JW and they replied: Why? Satan runs the Internet.)



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