Discovery Channel video on Christmas

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  • greenie

    I thought this was a cool report on the origins of Christmas from fully informed Christians and Christianity scholars. I'm going to show it to my JW.>1=42007

  • tenyearsafter

    A good synopsis of the origins of the holiday...and sure to give any JW a "I told you so" attitude.

    You could do a similar report on the origins of wedding rings, anniversary celebrations, the days of the week, etc., and JW's would say that even though they have pagan roots they are too far removed from those roots to interesting pick and choose kind of mentality of what is pagan and what is not!

  • PSacramento

    I have seen the Discovery channel shank so many things that, even without seeing this one I have very little faith in it, LOL !

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    So what's so wrong with being pagan ? It is older than Christianity right ? ...... From the I could care less where a tradition originated if it means I get presents and pretty lights :)

  • PSacramento

    The two oldest Pagan institutions:

    Marriage and prostitution, LOL !

    Fact is, marriage and the idea of marriage is a Pagan and far pre-dates biblical writing/story telling.

    So, if anyone has issues with the pagan elements that were modified for Christmas, then they shoudl have even MORE so with marriage for example.

    And umbrellas too of course, LOL !

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