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  • serenitynow!

    Another JW guilt inducing poem:

    If You Knew Jehovah's Day was Coming Tomorrow

    The time is so short.
    What will I do?
    I'll study my Watchtower,
    Kingdom Ministry, too.

    Prepare for the book study,
    Read all the Scriptures.
    Make some notations,
    Even study the pictures!

    Then suddenly you're zealous,
    And also quite nervous;
    And remember how often
    You neglected the service?

    Where is my Bible?
    Where are my books?
    Give me my bag!
    I forget how it looks!

    And, oh, so important,
    Since there's only one day,
    I must not forget
    To incessantly pray.

    Meetings!!! To meetings!
    That's where I must go.
    Forget about play.
    It's not important, you know.

    Jehovah's Day is now here,
    And it did not delay.
    I wasted my time,
    Much work and much play.

    His Day is now here.
    He sits on his throne,
    In righteousness judges,
    To uprightness prone.

    (And next, from God's vantage point...)


    How often I told you
    The Kingdom to seek,
    And always be steadfast,
    Thus avoid getting weak.

    So here is your judgement,
    With regret I do say;
    Your record is written,
    And this is My Day.

    Your Bible is dusty,
    Your recreation was first,
    For spiritual knowledge,
    You seldom would thirst.

    You neglected your service,
    And meetings forsook.
    Your prayers were not often,
    You're not in My book!


  • Newborn


    It makes me feel sick to my stomach

    But I'm sure the one who wrote it got a lot of praise for it

  • wobble

    My reply to this God in the poem :

    "When did you ever speak to me ?

    when did you give proof that I could see ?

    Your lack of contact makes me quite pissed,

    In fact Big J, you don't exist !"

  • Newborn



  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    that's nuts!

  • sd-7

    Why did JWs write such sucky poems that somehow got passed along in chain e-mails like that? One thing I can tell you, I never, EVER wrote a poem about life as a JW or the doctrine. I rarely even wrote about the doctrine in my journal. In my head, it's as if I was afraid to talk about it. I just knew I had to believe it and do it, live by it.

    It was poems like this that reminded me of a serious need to upgrade my mental software. Good grief... All things considered, probably 80% of JWs would die at Armageddon, because the vast majority of them are not pioneering at all, if we wanted to assume God was anything like the Society would have you believe. 10 hours a month, when BILLIONS of people's lives are at stake?? How could that possibly be enough if you're in good health? If one was measured by such standards, very few indeed would survive--hardly a great crowd.


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