The Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

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  • agonus

    Talk about irony...

    Malcolm X Center Grand Opening

    The building is a former Kingdom Hall... no shit!

  • fokyc

    I love 'roast chicken'! Oh! Sorry you said 'roost'.

    It looks just like a KH hall, probably in better hands now!

  • freydo

    Miami's vultures go to court

    Wardell Brown Thursday, Nov 11 2010

    "It's a scorching late-October morning, and the sky is a pristine shade of chlorinated-pool blue. Todd, a shirtless man riding a rusty maroon Schwinn with a white basketful of trash, brakes suddenly. He leans his bike on its side, causing a few crushed cans to fall to the hot concrete. He then places his hands on his hips, polluting a five-foot radius around his sunburned body with a home-brewed musk that reeks of wet dog, cigarettes, and day-old Pollo Tropical.

    Todd squints up at two turkey vultures slowly circling the Miami-Dade Civil Courthouse on Flagler Street. "They look like Freddy Krueger with wings," he cries in a mucous-riddled voice. "Those things are disgusting. I've seen them eat garbage! Or maybe they're attracted to all the lawyers.

    "You know, birds of a feather."

    In Miami, the leaves never change color. Nor does it snow. About the only signs of seasonal change are the Santa's Enchanted Forest banners on the Palmetto Expressway — and lower FPL bills. So it has come to pass that some civic-minded folks depend on an annual flock of black-feathered, scaly-faced scavengers to indicate the beginning of autumn.

    Some of the more superstitious courthouse denizens believe the buzzards are reincarnated judges who began roosting atop the hall of justice when it was Florida's tallest building and they could see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades.

    A quarter-century ago, a Miami-Dade Community College professor named Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts proposed that the vultures come to Miami from a suburb of Cleveland called Hinckley. "We've been welcoming the birds for many years," she told United Press International. "Our vultures sit on top of the courthouse. They make a beautiful flight across Biscayne Bay for lunch at Virginia Key, the city dump, then come right back to the courthouse."

    Bob Hinkle, chief of outdoor education for parks in Cleveland, says it's "a high possibility" the buzzards come to Miami from Hinckley. Then he offers interesting factoids about the mysterious snowbirds: They lack vocal cords and thus can only hiss when they're upset. They vomit when they're threatened. And if they become overheated, they defecate on their legs to cool down. Speaking of feces, you can even eat theirs. The enzymes in their stomachs are like nuclear weaponry to germs. "It's pure," he says........"

  • agonus

    Allah: 1

    Jehovah: 0

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