Why is Elder Book called KS10-E & Should I Tell My Friend?

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  • InterestedOne

    I just glanced over the new elder book, and being an outsider, I was pretty amazed. I'm so thankful to be aware of this. Couple questions:

    1. Why is it called KS10-E?

    2. I'm debating whether or not to tell my JW friend I've read it. I don't know how JW's view this kind of thing - reading their secret books, violating their "arrangement." Could it cause some kind of upset that might make her avoid talking to me? It's crazy that I should even have to ask because I like to be open with people, but I'm realizing there is more going on here.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    how did you get it? don't tell!

  • Listener

    It's not really a secret book but some JWs may not know about it and elders are not allowed to show anyone else it.

    It would be open of you to tell her about it. She may not be interested in seeing it but I don't believe they have been told not to look at it and it is just that the elders have been told not to show it. She may be happy to know that you take a keen interest in her religion but unhappy if you have obtained it illegally (such as an illegal download).

  • AnnOMaly

    Why is it called KS10-E?

    Taking a stab at it ... Kingdom Service #10 - Elders?

  • yknot



    The elders are attending a 'Kingdom Ministry School' and the 'Shepherding' publication is it's textbook.

    KS is short for 'Kingdom School', 10 the year in which the publication is dated, and 'e' signifying English.

    Previous we had a ks91-e sometimes called 'The Flock Book' (if you want a copy of that one PM me)

    Yes there is a ks10-s (spanish) and ks10-fr (french) and so on in each of the languages the WTS prints material and has an Elder Body.

    As far as discussing the publication it really depends on the individual JW, most don't know of it's existence so I would preface the conversation asking if the WTS is a 'secret society' and when they say no.....ask about their thoughts on the book and the BOEs saying for it to remain 'secure' and 'confidential' and not letting women handle the publication even for binding purposes via Oct 7 BOE attached at the end of the publication even though the inside page says "This publication is not for sale. It is provided as part of a worldwide Bible educational work supported by voluntary donations"

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Keep Shepherding the Flock 2010-English

    I don't think it is the school for elders or else they would need a new book every year they went

  • InterestedOne

    Thanks for the answers. Yeah, I've heard them mention the Kingdom Ministry School. It's funny, my first thought was to ask, "ok since you're not a secret society, can I sit in on one of these elder classes just as an observer? After all it's just a worldwide educational work."

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It is difficult to talk to them if they think you are the enemy. There is often only a fine line between getting them thinking and scaring them off. Don't show them apostate literature or WT literature you shouldn't have. It just scares them off

    It is better to appear ignorant of their doctrines and rules etc. and just ask questions in such a way that they will do the research because they really want to answer them. Try to get them to think that there is a really good chance they can recruit you and don't ask the really difficult questions until they have swallowed the bait.

    Let them have a 'win' now and again on non-controversial subjects, or maybe not pick them up on every bit of nonsensical doctrine.

    Good luck


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