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  • Hairyhegoat

    Well this is it!! Brother Numtea called round today to drop of the latest cancer filled ragazines, we never know when he's going to turn up. I was looking out the front window and spotted him walking up the drive. Then just before he pressed the door bell he about turned and sprinted back down the road, no mean feat if your an old man and there's snow and ice everywhere !!! Why did he run ?

    The Xmas lights are up outside and santa stop her stakes in the front lawn, oh and the best one was we have a star of david hanging on the front door!!! Do you think the johoes have got the message!! We are a family that faded and just don't go to the kingdum hell anymore, so this year we have gone for the whole xmas thing in a big way and the kids love it . So sod the elders and brother numtea!! I am fully expecting brother numtea to go running to the elders to get us in trouble and a gold star for him. I must say I not bothered in the slightest I only have my Jw dad to loose but he still see's all the other family that are D/F . What should I do if the elders call round now we have being found out? Do I speak to them or does the bucket of piss get used again ? I favour the bucket thing because it's more fun

    Merry Xmas



    Hairyhegoat I enjoyed you humorous expose. Pleased to see you are out of the Borg and enjoying your freedom to do as you please.

    "So sod the elders and brother numtea!!" A word of caution, not in front of the children. Have a good Christmas.

  • Curtains

    lo - too funny hairyhegoat. I suggest the bucket of piss

    Merry xmas to you and your family

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    How do you like your stake?

    Santa and JWs stop here !

  • nugget

    lol - thanks for the laugh. Have a very merry Christmas.

  • sleepingbeauty

    We sure will Nugget... Hope you and Cantleave have a gr8 Xmas too...

    PS: You'll have to have a run up the country & visit us sometime when the weathers better - Plenty to do round here & im sure our hubbys would love a good old natter & a knees up like they had @ Brighton ....

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Congratulations! But do be civil with them when they call. Tear them apart with your knowledge, do as much damage as you can to their psyche and then send them on their way. You would be doing them a favour.

  • Gayle

    ?Happy Un-JW to you!!? ?Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?

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