New Watchtower Subliminal image just uploaded

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    So if we put the rock on someones head..We can better see the face in the rock..

    Watchtower Subliminal. THE WATCHTOWER OCTOBER 2014


    ....................................WHICH BEGS THE QUESTION..

    .............Image result for sO wHAT?

  • Fencing

    There's nothing quite so fascinating to watch as someone's pattern-recognition part of the brain malfunction and go into overdrive.

  • gda
    1st one has nothing
    2nd one has an obvious face from down under
    3rd one is obvious of Zues
    4th one is redick-ulas
    5th one is also redick
    6th one with “O K” is an actual symbol to illuminati … meaning num 6
    7th 0ne is very interesting with the Monster drink symbolism inside the illuminati pyramid which is every where in what we buy, give or take notice
    8th one is…I don’t know what the hell you see and is also redick
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Perhaps you and I just hope we are cleverer than average Marvin?

    Of course we are!

  • Xanthippe
    Of course we are!


  • Garrett
    Illuminati confirmed... Kappa

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