The GB teaches witnesses to be disobediant and dishonest

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  • stuckinarut2

    I was just thinking that it seems like the GB teaches witnesses to be dishonest and disobediant...and encourages a kind of "secret agent" mystique about such conduct. A boldness to act this way.

    They use "theocratic warfare" tactics by saying we can be dishonest with authorities if we are acting by "gods standards..".

    They teach parents to do the same with their kids...teach them to outrightly disobey laws "if they contravene the GB standards" (eg flag salute, voting in politics etc...)

    It is ok to lie about "future fairy tale paradise"

    It is ok to tell "half truths" if it is for a "righteous reason"...

    Teachings that encourage witnesses to look at non-witnesses as "evil" or "deserving of death" at the Big A...

    This is really messed up stuff!!


    Not obeying the AUTHORITIES in everything does have merit in the human scheme of things - eg Thanks to the Protestant break-aways who stood firm on principles when being persecuted in Europe. [Louis XIV et al]

    I went to military prison for refusing to join the army back in 1974 and that decision was a good one - South Africa was fighting a "bullshit" war in Angola which was just an excuse to get fingers on Angola's oil - that decision spared me possible injury or loss of life.

    So disobeying civil authority under certain circumstances has its place in my reckoning. Its about Principles

    I still will not Salute Flags sing anthems and the like because essentially governmental systems don't merit this - so standing firm on Principles has its place in our lives.

    By the same token I will not give allegiance to any grouping of men in the religious context either.

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