JW's - an international organization?

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  • Listener

    I always thought the JWs were an internation organization but it appears they don't consider themselves to be that.

    This was in a letter found on google was written by WT Loyd Vice President of the WTBS Australia, it was a submission to be treated as a Charity.


    Issues Regarding Definitions Used in Australia Compared to Other Countries

    The Society is not an international organization having branches in other countries.
    However, Jehovah’s Witnesses are worldwide, and a different not-for-profit organization
    is registered in each country. The structures of these corporations vary according to the
    laws applying in each country. In some countries, such as the United States of America
    and New Zealand, donors to our religious organizations are exempt from gift duty and
    may claim tax deductions for donations made to the church.

    Anyway, they were given charity status but not charity deductible status, which means people donating the the Australian org do not get a tax deduction.

    The WBTS Australia has registered as a Public Company ABN 42 002 861 225 ACN 002 861 225. Their financial reports are available through ASIC for a fee and their 2005 report is on the internet.


    I wasn't able to make a screen copy to attach it here.

  • Billen76

    The Jehovahs Witnesses call themselves an international organisation, but the Watchtower society don't. It is as it is written in the letter. Every Branch Office is every country is a "isolated" society, that have registered themselves in a way, that gives maximum tax deduction. It is all about the money here.

    Reality is, that the Society IS an international organisation with leadership appointed from Headquarters in USA, and that every Jehovahs Witness' have "signed a contract" with the Society when they got baptized.

    I do not know wether an inquiry on the true connection between Jehovahs Witnesses, the Society, the various branches and congregations would legally prove the WTS are committing fraud, when they through tecnicallities hide the de facto intenational connection. All I can say is, that for the purpose of not paying tax, the Society are willing to change designation and identity, while telling governments one thing, and their own members another.

    It's a game of defining realities here.

  • stapler99

    This could mean that if a national branch seceded, there would be no way to get control of it. Of course this is unlikely to happen.

  • Listener

    Not a bad stratedgy. It also means limited liability.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    When it comes down to it, the WTS will tell the govt whatever it wants to, whether or not it's really the truth.

    The whole Bulgaria/blood thing is proof of that.

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